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10 Reasons to put Dall Sheep on your Bucket List
Author: Sitka Team
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Hunts
May 27, 2014

1. The Arrival

After years of planning and preparation, two days of commercial flights and multiple bush plane rides you've arrived in sheep country. After the whine of the plane engine fades away an epic adventure is officially kicked off. There's nothing left to do but shoulder your pack and wonder which mountain holds the ram you came for. Pictured is a bushmaster float plane taking off in the NWT's Mackenzie Mountains.

2. The Adventure

The simplicity of hunting on your own two feet or the four of a horse into the unknown is an adventure well-worth taking. Guide Andrew Walker leads a team of horses over an unexplored mountain pass near the Arctic Circle.

3. The Country

The vistas in sheep country are like nothing you've ever seen. You can see for 100 miles either direction, and glass sheep that can take days to get to. Pictured is Sitka Founder Jonathan Hart deep in the Mackenzie Mountains, Canada.

4. Solitude

Few hunts take you truly off the grid and force you to reconnect like Dall sheep hunting. For 10+ days you'll be entirely unplugged from civilization as you trade your overflowing inbox for a loaded backpack. Pictured is Sitka Athlete Tom Foss on a 10-day archery sheep hunt in the Yukon Territory.

5. Midnight Sun

At the 66º N Latitude, the sun never fully sets in summer. As you hunt almost 24/7, you'll ponder whether human feet have ever touched the endless trails carved by sheep, moose, caribou and bear.

6. The Challenge

Seeing your first ram and the immense country he lives in will shock you. You'll ask yourself: 'how the hell am I going to kill him?" Sitka Athlete Mark Seacat photographed this ram while on a hunt with Founder Jonathan Hart in Canada's Mackenzie Mountains.

7. Raising The Bar

Dall sheep hunting will make you question your sanity. Your comfort zone was left at the airstrip, and you've been cast deep into wild country and crazy predicaments you never imagined. When you return home, taking the stairs seems easy. Pictured is Sitka Athlete Adam Foss and Guide Thomas Kincheloe traversing a steep face in Alaska's Chugach Range.

8. Camaraderie

10 days in sheep country will forge lifelong friendships. And at the end of it all, there's no one you'd rather share the success with. Pictured are Tribe Members Steven Drake, Kent Robertson, Sean and Wade Shults reaping the reward of 10 hard days in the Mackenzie Mountains, Canada.

9. Contrast

If you're lucky enough to hunt in the late-summer months, you'll witness an explosion of colors that will put even the most vivid fall day in the lower 48 to shame. Pictured is Sitka Athlete Bobby Warner packing his first Dall to a landing strip while on 21-day mixed-bag hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains, Canada.

10. The Reward

Outwitting an incredibly intelligent animal that lives in the gnarliest crags on the mountain is no easy feat. Every sheep hunter will tell you there's nothing quite like lifting the horns of a veteran ram that's survived close to a dozen winters. Pictured is Sitka Athlete Adam Foss with his 2013 Alaska archery Dall.

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