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2014 Product
Author: Sitka Team
Feb 24, 2014

In the beginning, it was 2005 and we’d just climbed 3,000 vertical feet in the dark. We'd completely overheated in the sleet and driving snow. Drenched with sweat, we took shelter from the storm behind a gnarled White Bark Pine, and almost immediately, we were shivering and miserable. Similar ascents on mountaineering, climbing, and backcountry ski trips never left us like that, so we knew the discomfort wasn’t necessary. The problem was obvious: old-school hunting clothes just didn’t perform. So at timberline that September morning, with bulls bugling all around us, we made a pact to build real gear for serious hunters.

No, we wouldn't just update old ideas with modern fabrics. We'd take on hunting’s challenges and solve them with new technologies and innovative design. Over the years, we realized the need for great gear wasn’t confined to the mountains, so we built systematic solutions for the whitetail woods and waterfowl flyways.

We’re kicking off 2014 with a huge leap forward in insulation technology. We’re completely reimagining a few of our core classics and bringing key reinforcements to every line. Dig in. New gear drops this summer.

- Sitka Founder Jonathan Hart


For years, the 90% Series has been a mid-season staple. And for the late season, the Coldfront Series has long been the standard. But you know us, we’re never satisfied. Hit fast forward. Over the last two years, we’ve completely reimagined and reinvented these classic pieces. New technologies let us stretch out their sweet spot, covering a wider variety of temperatures and output levels. These are the staples of the future.

1. Compared to the old iteration, the New 90% Jacket is 3X more wind resistant. A new body-mapped micro-grid fleece backer puts insulation only where you need it. More stretch, more durability and quieter fabric make this a precisely engineered tool for the mid-season.

2. The New 90% Pant is 3x more wind resistant than it’s predecessor. A full-length micro-grid fleece backer makes it ideal for the mid-to-late season, with added durability and stretch.

3. Compared to its predecessor, the New Coldfront Jacket is updated with a more durable, 2-way stretch face fabric and a more breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX® membrane. New elevated hand pockets keep your necessities clear of the pack’s hip belt and, when you slip your hands in, cause water to shed off the elbows rather than rolling down the sleeve into the pocket. The newly extended tail keeps water off your body and keeps wind from penetrating your microclimate.

4. The New Coldfront Pant is build from a more durable, 2-way stretch face fabric and a more breathable 3-layer GORE-TEX® membrane.


The Big Game line is our longest standing, most robust gear offering, built to cover you in every spot-and-stalk situation imaginable. Lightning ascents in sub-zero temperatures? Check. Torrential downpours on 10-day bivy hunts? Check. Scrambling over knee-crushing talus? Check. But hit pause. Something’s missing. Where’s the outer layer for endurance sits in bitterly cold conditions? Enter the Blizzard Parka, Bib Pant and Beanie.

5. The Blizzard Beanie is the warmest hat in our big game line. Insulated with two layers of high-loft fleece, a 100% windproof WINDSTOPPER® shell protects your dome and forehead, but is excluded from the ears for uninhibited hearing.

6. The Blizzard Jacket locks you into a 3-layer GORE-TEX® vault that’s insulated with a never-before-seen water resistant insulation from PrimaLoft®, made up of 60% treated 650 fill power white duck down and 40% ultrafine synthetic fibers. Completely waterproof, windproof and breathable, it is ideal for long periods of inactivity on the tundra.

7. Engineered with the protection of a 3-layer GORE-TEX® membrane, the Blizzard Bib Pant is insulated with PrimaLoft’s new blend of 60% water-resistant white duck down and 40% ultrafine synthetic fibers.


The season opens quietly. Warm days of scouting, building blinds, maybe you take a local bird or two. But then the migration starts. Hit play. The din of birds crescendos into racket, then roar. Deafening honks and quacks and shotgun blasts, and every plunge of the mercury only boosts the volume. We’ve reinforced the Waterfowl Line to keep you out there in every stage of the flight. Introducing the Grinder Pant, Kelvin Lite Vest and Boreal Bib.

8. With 60 G/M2 Primaloft® Silver Insulation, the Kelvin Light Vest is a low-profile solution for regulating your core temperature. Perfect for adding warmth under the Dakota Vest, or as it gets colder, the Pantanal Jacket.

9. Built for chasing fickle flight paths in the early season, the Grinder Pant gives you enough warmth for early morning missions and enough breathability to remain comfortable the rest of the day. But this pant pulls double duty. With its low-profile seams and glued hems, it’s a buttery smooth insulation piece for layering under waders as the temperatures drop and water levels rise.

10. The Boreal Bib Pant locks you into a waterproof, insulated vault. Part of our warmest waterfowl system, it’s engineered with the protection of a 3-layer GORE-TEX® membrane and insulated top to bottom with PrimaLoft®’s new blend of 60% water-resistant white duck down and 40% ultrafine synthetic fibers.


You think whitetails, and immediately you think rut. You think grunts, scrapes, tree-splitting cold. Now hit rewind. Snow returns to the sky. Dry brown leaves drift up to their branches, turning red, then yellow, then supple and green. The undergrowth is thick, deer settle into their late-summer patterns, and you sit imperceptibly still in the stand ready to ambush your bruiser. This is why we developed the Early Season Whitetail Jacket.

11. Lightweight and ultra breathable, the ESW Jacket expels heat and perspiration to help you keep your cool. The 4-way stretch fabric is articulated for the seated position, with fitted sleeves so you can draw without bunching or pulling. Plenty durable to blaze trail through the scrub, it remains extremely soft and quiet. The sleeve cuffs stretch for a custom fit that stays clear of your bowstring. A rangefinder pocket, chest pocket, and two hand pockets keep the necessities from getting away from you.


Sitka Gear is the exclusive hunting launch partner for PrimaLoft® Down Blend technology, the world’s first hybrid insulation fusing ultra-fine synthetic fibers with water-repellent down.

The Gold Blend offers comparable warmth in construction to 750 fill down, while the Silver Blend is comparable to 650 fill down, with similar warmth-to-weight and packability characteristics. But unlike down, both blends retain an incredible 95% of their warmth when wet. Primaloft® Down Blends dry 4x faster than untreated down, and absorb 9x less water than untreated down.

The European-based chemistry used in PrimaLoft® Down Blend is environmentally sound, using no fluorocarbons. And with EDFA Traceability, PrimaLoft® guarantees no live plucking.

Our 2014 Kelvin Down Hoody, Blizzard Jacket, Blizzard Pant Bib, Boreal Jacket, and Boreal Pant Bib are constructed with PrimaLoft® Down Blends.

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You guys dont back off for a second keep bringing the heat. Im a truely greatful hunter that you guys keep pushing the envelope worth every extra penny thanks
Posted by sheldon marty on Mar 4, 2014 4:14 PM
love your product, have a couple a jackets and they all work fantastic , I find my self struggling to fit into any of your pants , the 30's are just a tad too big and the smalls are too big, for a guy who wears a 28 or 29 waist this is keeping me from buying pants.

Posted by brad b on Feb 27, 2014 5:34 PM

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