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A New Spot
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Apr 2, 2013

I'm always into new spots, but find myself going to the known ones more often than not. For years, I've had a feeling about one particular area, but I never took the initiative to check it out due to the large amount of private land in the unit. This year was different. I purchased a new GPS, loaded it with a Colorado GPS card with landowner maps, and went for it!

The first day my buddy Sam and I went to check it out, and this street sign was one of the first indications of a good spot. We ended up finding some white horns that had been lying in the elements for several years: another good sign. One doesn't find chalky antlers very often these days. We also found lots of fresh sign, just not fresh enough.

The second day was Déjà vu of the the first, but I felt I was getting closer to what I was after.

The third day started out much the same until I received another sign, a fresh lion track. Another predator was looking for the same elk I was.

After miles of hiking, I finally cut two fresh sets of elk tracks. It appeared to be two good bulls traveling together. After tracking them for some distance, I came across a nice brown set.

I tracked the second bull for some distance and came across a single horn and then, finally, its match. A second awesome set!

This spring, a new spot became a known spot, and I'll probably find myself drawn back here for many shed seasons to come.

See more of JD's adventures at his blog, JD Goes Outdoors.

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Match set elk antlers are awesome. I've never had the shed gods looking my way when it comes to a match set. Good stuff, great pics.
Posted by Dan Mallia on Apr 4, 2013 7:06 PM
I love hearing about finding horns, glad to see a shed hunting article on here!
Posted by Daniel Richmond on Apr 2, 2013 7:58 PM

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