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Athlete Insider: Donnie Vincent
Author: The Sitka Team
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Events | Hunts | OPTIFADE | Sitka Athlete
Apr 25, 2013

On Tuesday, April 30th at 11am MST we're excited to host Sitka Athlete Donnie Vincent for a LIVE Q/A on our Facebook Page. Head over to hear about his latest film, why he hunts, what gear he uses and anything else you'd like to know. Until then, read up on what makes him such an intriguing personality, and why we're proud and honored to call him a Sitka Athlete.

We regard our team of Sitka Athletes as an extremely talented group of hunters and strive to share stories about their experience, the thrill of adventure in rugged places and complete immersion in the pursuit of wild animals. But more than just ability, there's something truly unique and remarkable about each and every Athlete, all with their own story to tell. Without a doubt, Athlete Donnie Vincent fits the definition of 'remarkable' and fully commits to sharing his beautifully told, intriguing and inspiring stories. His recently released trailer for "The River's Divide" eludes to a full length documentary that is nothing short of spectacular.

But who is Donnie Vincent? What makes him so remarkable? Dive in with us for a brief look into the past, present and future of a man utterly and equally committed to his discipline of bowhunting and storytelling through cinematography.

With a degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Minnesota, the stage was set for a life traveling the world. Work took him to far away places like Bangladesh and Nepal, where he studied Bengal Tigers. He spent years researching spawning habits of native Salmon in Alaska, powering through five month stints in a two-person tent. Being immersed in remote wilderness, regardless of the activity, is where Donnie felt most alive. Once studies were completed for the year, Donnie would fly himself to the Arctic Circle to chase Caribou with his bow, DIY style.

Attributing his passion for hunting to past generations, Donnie absorbed his father's tales of hunting in Northern Maine and Jack O'Connor authored stories of epic mountain hunts. Horse pack trains and successful hunters taping out Dall's Sheep horns by lantern were burned in his memory, and he quickly became determined and inspired to live out the adventures for himself.

From Russian Snow Sheep to Yukon Moose, Grizzly Bear, and Dall's Sheep, Donnie has no shortage of his own tales to tell. It was only natural that he began filming his hunts to capture and share his stories. Assembling a talented digital production crew in Sicmanta, Donnie and his team are striving to produce ground breaking imagery and unparallelled story telling in the hunting industry.

The team's first work,"The River's Divide", is a full length documentary encompassing an epic two year journey around Donnie's pursuit of  a single giant Whitetail he notoriously named 'Steve'. The film will be debut on the Full Draw Film Tour this summer. With several projects in the works for 2014 and a filming schedule chocked-full with new tales to be told, we're excited to follow along along in Donnie and his team's bright and busy future.

Tune into our Facebook Page next Tuesday, April 30th @11am MST for the LIVE Q/A.

For more on Donnie, stay tuned to his website and Facebook Page.

Featured Gear

@Shawn - We find out about Sitka Athletes through a variety of different channels. Word of mouth, tradeshows, conservation banquets, referrals from our current team of athletes, employees and ambassadors and through photos and videos shared with us via social media are just a few of the ways.

@DDR - Though we don't necessarily have strict definitions, our Athletes are remarkable, inspiring, talented and push the limits of our gear. Many of which have a long withstanding relationship with the brand and have been using our gear from the beginning. Our Prostaffers also have a formal relationships with the brand and help our efforts through seminars, tradeshows and through their own exposure. Ambassadors are anyone who loves and lives the Sitka brand. As a close-knit group of hunters all living out their passions, we consider plenty of the Sitka Tribe as Ambassadors.
Posted by The Sitka Team on Apr 29, 2013 11:51 AM
I'm curious, what is the difference between a Sitka ambassador, athlete, or prostaffer? DDR
Posted by Daniel Richmond on Apr 28, 2013 10:12 AM
How does one become a "Sitka Athlete" ? Besides the aforementioned qualities that Sitka seeks in a hunter athlete, if one possesses these qualities should they just expect Sitka to find them?
Posted by Shawn on Apr 26, 2013 2:41 PM
@CRZYMT - We appreciate you taking the time to share with us your thoughts. We're well aware that there are plenty of hardcore mountain athletes, like yourself, who hit it hard and use and abuse our gear all year long. We love that. You're the exact user we design gear for. All of our Athletes have been hand-selected for precisely the same reason and we've worked to share their stories. Whether on an expedition style trip in a remote area, guiding for clients 100+ days a year or trying to punch over-the-counter tags in their home states, these guys hunt and prepare extremely hard in every adventure they choose to embark on.

Though we can only have a limited number of Athletes, we think of each and every one you as part of the tight-knit Sitka Tribe. We'd love to share your story and it doesn't take expensive camera gear. It simply takes the ability to document your adventures through photography, written words, video or all three to the highest quality you're able to.

The best way for us to keep in touch is through our Facebook Page. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

-The Sitka Team
Posted by The Sitka Team on Apr 26, 2013 1:26 PM
@WISC14 - We're sorry you have that impression. We've always striven to share the experience and tradition of hunting, which, with good fortune, sometimes ends in the successful harvesting of a mature animal. Our goal is to share stores that portray the beauty and challenge of the pursuit, the camaraderie of hunters and the conservation of wildlife resources. Again, we apologize if that is your impression of us, as our intention is to always stay true to the core values we mentioned.
Posted by The Sitka Team on Apr 26, 2013 1:02 PM
There are so many "Sitka Athletes" out there that don't get noticed. A lot of the current athletes are no different than a lot of other hardcore hunters, and some of them aren't near as hardcore as some of us, but we don't get the recognition because if you cant post a bio about yourself that doesn't include $30K camera gear and multiple sheep hunts under your belt, Sitka won't look twice at ya. Pretty sad too because some of us REALLY support Sitka in more ways than one. Most of these athletes don't know what hardcore is. Hats off to Donnie though. He seems worthy of the name "Sitka athlete." Don't want to take that from him. Congrats!!
Posted by CrzyMT on Apr 26, 2013 9:59 AM
a lot of you guys are way too concerned with antlers and scores on this website that you are forgetting what hunting is really about.

Posted by wisc14 on Apr 26, 2013 8:22 AM
For the rest of us who have souls of adventurers; but often find ourselves living vicariously through the ones who find a way to build their lives into an would be a travesty if we were not allowed to follow along and take a glimpse into the lives of such as Donnie Vincent.
DV: Keep pushing into that grey, mist filled shroud of uncertainty, terror and wonderment that we all crave just a small part of.
Posted by Luke Johnson on Apr 25, 2013 6:04 PM
I wish at my young age of 58 I had all the cool advantages to hunt and get into filming like a lot of young guys in the sport, hats off, can't wait to see there work!
Posted by Tom marks on Apr 25, 2013 5:28 PM

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