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Wes Atkinson
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Wes grew up roaming the hills of northwest Colorado where his Dad taught him to hunt and fish. He began Atkinson Expeditions in 2002 and currently resides in Loveland, CO. Wes’ insatiable passion for catching trout on dry flies and addiction to the game of pursuing giant Mule Deer fuels the fire behind Atkinson Expeditions. Outfitting provides Wes with a solid 170 days in the field per year. From early season Pronghorn hunts, September archery Elk, to chasing monster Mule Deer in December, Wes doesn’t lament not being the one to pull the trigger or release an arrow. Rather, he considers himself incredibly fortunate to be a true western guide. Even after a short lifetime in business, he still finds enjoyment in helping clients fulfill their dreams. The challenge of dovetailing the business world and the variables of Mother Nature give Wes the privilege of enjoying an entire season of sunrise and sunsets, which, for him, is plenty.

Watch below to see what it's like to hunt giant velvet Mule Deer with Wes:

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