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BC Double Header
Author: Dustin Roe
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Hunts | Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Dustin Roe
Nov 29, 2011

Day One of my hunt with Larry Todd of Ohio had Shawn, Cody and I hiking deep into a drainage I'd always wanted to hunt. We made it to a camp spot just before dark and, after enjoying a trusty Mountain House Meal, we crashed in our backpack tents. 


The following morning, we had a quick oatmeal breakfast and hurried up the ridge to watch the sunrise. As the sun crested the mountain, I spotted some fresh tracks in the snow. I panned my Zeiss spotter and, in no time, found the eight rams that were leaving the tracks. There was a couple nice sheep in the band and we decided a closer look was in order.


We descended towards camp and continued towards the band of rams. Less than three hours later we were at 88 yards, with Larry dead-rested on my pack. 


BOOM! Instantly, the ram began to roll. The rest of the band stood there, oblivious to what just occurred. We had previously decided that if there were two shooter rams, Cody would take one also and complete a "double header". Cody had guided hard all year and as part of his wages and our appreciation of him, we wanted to reward him with his first sheep. Cody grabbed the Gunwerks from Larry and took aim. 


As the next shooter cleared the other rams, 168 grains of trouble found it's mark.






Two rams down, and both Larry and Cody were ecstatic. The pack out was made manageable by four strong backs and my pack dog, Sitka. Another two day sheep hunt, but don't get me wrong... we definitely earned these rams by "doing what it takes!" 







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Great photos and hunt Dustin! Congrats to Larry and Cody on two great rams! What a season you have had for sure!
Posted by Chad Bell on Dec 1, 2011 6:21 AM
What an article! The images are perfect they show the effort and experience. Well done to all involved and congrats to the hunters. I am a sitka addict!

Posted by Matt on Nov 29, 2011 5:51 PM

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