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Dustin Roe - More Success Stories from the Field
Author: Dustin Roe
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Hunts | Miscellaneous | Pro Staff
Athletes: Dustin Roe
Sep 16, 2010

Hey Guys,

I just got out of the bush after completeing the last of the Yukon sheep hunts for Stones. My final two hunters Jeremy and Ray Rogers both killed great rams in five hard days of backpacking.  Ray took one on Day 2 and Jeremy got his on Day 5. Ray's ram is 37.5 with just over 15 on the Base! Gross Green Scores 171 2/8!  Jeremy's ram is a 38 1/4 beautiful sheep. We covered over 30 miles and HAD FUN!

This made the perfect ending to a great Stone Sheep season in the Yukon.  Four rams taken in the Yukon and a Stone and Goat in BC...all over 25 days and 118 miles on the boots.  I figured out a lot of new country and will be sure to have a great season next year!  I'm already looking forward to it.

I just had a Bighorn hunter cancel on the first hunt so I might have some days off.  I'll be moving into the new home we recently bought and then possibly doing some personal hunting until a Bighorn hunt on September 20th.  Then I'm off and running again!

Y'all keep me filled in on your seasons so far!

Happy Hunting,

Dustin Roe

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