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First Archery Turkey
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Categories: Hunts | Pro Staff
Mar 12, 2013

My son and I had a great Christmas vacation.  After all the festivities, Daniel and I left my wife and daughter to do all that shopping stuff they do and started on our 10 hour drive to Buffalo Co. Wisconsin.  A good friend from The Professional Bowhunters Society had found a 900 acre property for a group of us to hunt during the late archery season.

The long drive gave us plenty of time to discuss our hunt strategy, shot placement, and safety.  Your life and health are more important than any Boone & Crockett buck…take it seriously!

We arrived at the farm, did some quick scouting, and decided our best plan would be to set tree stands for deer in the evening and a Double Bull Blind for turkeys in the morning. 

We refined our set up every time out and eventually got Daniel in perfect position to kill his first big game animal.

The 13 year old boy made it look like he had done it 100 times…cool and collected.  His 50# TallTines recurve drove a 250g Wensel Woodsman Elite thru both wing butts of a beautiful hen midway through our hunt.  The hen crumpled and we had a tremendous accomplishment with some fine eating to come!

The temperature was -4F when Daniel killed his turkey.  Temperatures ranged from -7 to 20F the entire week we were there.  We sat in the ground blind until noon each day, broke for a quick lunch and then were in the tree stands until dark.  When I was 13, there is NO WAY that I could have spent that much time on stand in those temperatures. I would have froze!  Both of us were warm and cozy the entire time with Fanatic Jackets and Bibs as our outer layer, Merino base tops and bottoms and Traverse tops and bottoms inside.  That is it; other than a small chemical handwarmer in the built in muff of the Fanatic.  Fantastic!

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Right on Daniel!
Posted by Luke Johnson on Mar 13, 2013 3:45 PM
Great story, nice bird. I've had lots of close encounters with turkeys while I've been toting my bow in the spring woods but haven't connected as of yet. Hoping to change that this Spring. Congrats on the bird!
Posted by Dan Mallia on Mar 13, 2013 12:46 PM

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