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Hot Chocolate
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Oct 29, 2012

Every once in a while you find a gem.  Over five years ago my friend in Manitoba, Ryan Derlago, started talking about opening up a black bear guiding operation.  Immediately, I told him I wanted to be the first client and I would fill a week for him every year with quality hunters.  2012 found our group going the last week of Stick Flingers' season to catch the rut…

Meet Ms. Beary; my gorgeous chocolate friend.

Ms. Beary loved my assigned bait.  She visited numerous times each day; always with at least one new boar following her.  Every time Ms. Beary appeared, I knew I was in for a pleasant surprise.

On the fifth night of the hunt, we had some serious rain come through.  My Sitka Downpour kept me dry.  As the storm passed, the woods came to life. My beautiful chocolate girl strolled into the setup while occasionally looking over her shoulder. When her suitor emerged from the engulfing brush, his chocolate body dwarfed her six foot frame.  As he passed, my TallTines recurve smoked a razor sharp broadhead through his thick chocolate coat. He was off with a roar!  Two bounds later he was down leaving me in awe of the incredible effectiveness of a well placed broad head.

My bear squared just over seven feet and weighed 312 pounds.

That Thursday night resulted in three great shots and three gorgeous Manitoba black bears. 

I am thrilled to have been the first client of Stick Flingers Manitoba Bowhunts and look forward to hitting the black bear rut for many years to come. 

On a final note, black bear makes excellent table fare from the steaks and roasts to the burger.  My 13 year old son used some of the loins to make a prize winning chili at the National Compton Traditional Bowhunter's Rendezvous, a few days after my return.









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What an incredible bow hunting story. I'm very impressed that you only shoot the boars showing respect for the animals and in today's world we have to be smart to ensure hunting for our future generations.
I also wanted to show respect to the use of traditional bows. The archery industry has developed some equipment that allow some people to shoot very long shots and I believe it has decreased the true reason for bow hunting.

We are impressed with your story out west.
Posted by Mitch Awbrey on Oct 31, 2012 9:36 AM

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