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Its not about the Bike...graciously stolen title from Lance
Author: Jonathan Hart
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Miscellaneous
Oct 11, 2010
But sometimes it is, when, for me, its your most powerful stamina and leg strengthening program. But, like many things, you slip. I'm not getting my fifty arrows shot a day, I'm not playing with my gear daily, and I'm certainly not on my bike as much as I should be. None the less, my most recent test of manliness occurred this weekend when I partook in Levi Leipheimer's Gran Fondo Century Ride. It was a bone crusher, with the hill climbs and all, but spectacular due to the scenery and brotherhood. It made me think of a big backcountry trip you make after Elk...same deal, but in spandex for speed.

103 Miles of pain, almost 7 hours later...I find my self over the line, laying on the grass, barely alive wondering why I didn't practice over 25 miles at least a little to get ready.



But then happy!

Could have been one of the hardest physcial things I've accomplished physically and mentally in recent years. I tried to take it easy and just I'd been coached to do.

Couldn't do it and dropped the hammer.


My body hates me, but It'll get over it. We're still friends.


So, go out and do something.



"Pain is weakness leaving the body.." and discomfort is just anticipation of the victory to come. :)
Good job sir.
Posted by Luke Johnson on Oct 15, 2010 2:55 PM

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