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Sitka Instill Photo Contest
Author: Sitka Team
Nov 1, 2013

Scroll Down for contest rules and winners from previous months.

***Contest info for this month is at the bottom of the page.



These are the values we strive to INSTILL: Responsibility for the hunt. Ethics. Work. Celebrating the many rewards that come before the kill, and long after -- and yes, the animal itself.

But how should we at Sitka go about instilling such values? Sure, we could write volumes exhorting others to measure their hunts in meals shared, miles logged, mountains climbed and storms endured. But you can do this better than we can. That's why we're reaching out to you. If you're still reading, there's a good chance you're a hunter worth learning from. Folks watch what you're up to. Your stories and pictures guide how they think about the hunt. So how will you guide them? What values will you INSTILL? 

We created the this Photo Contest to help INSTILL values that matter. Things like practice and determination, stewardship and celebration. For helping to guide the future of hunting, we believe you deserve to be rewarded. So we offer rewards of gear that will help you in the field as you INSTILL these values for years to come.


Every month, at the bottom of this page, we'll announce the new value to INSTILL and the new gear reward. To enter, just upload a photo to Instagram and tag it with @sitkagear AND #sitkainstill. That's it. On the last day of the month, our panel of Sitka Athletes will bestow the title "Lead Guide" on the photographer they think best instills the month's value. We'll announce the Lead Guide here on the blog.


November 2013

Value: Grit -- i.e. Indomitable spirit. Firmness of character. Spine.
Gear Reward: Kelvin Jacket
Lead Guide: Check back December 1.

October 2013
Value: Patience -- i.e. grinding it out in the stand, waiting for the One to make a mistake
Gear Reward: Tool Box
Lead Guide: Karl Krieger

September 2013
Value: Determination
Gear Reward: Alpine Ruck
Lead Guide: Matt Galland

August 2013
Value: Scouting
Gear Reward: Bino Bivy
Co-Lead Guides: Thomas Cornelius and Erik Rowley

July 2013
Value: Practice
Gear Reward: Shooter Gloves
Co-Lead Guides: Kevin Swedin and Wade James

My hunting partner has your equip. I am very impressed:) I would love to sport one for next yr
Posted by John Picard on Oct 3, 2013 6:40 PM
Awesome entries! Nice work everyone.
Posted by Luke Johnson on Oct 3, 2013 5:59 PM

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