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Stormfront Series Video w/ Mark Seacat
Author: Sitka Team
Groups: Athletes
Athletes: Mark Seacat
Sep 2, 2011

Stormfront Series Video w/ Sitka Athlete Mark Seacat

Featured Gear

Recently I went on an elk hunt in Colorado as part of the hunt with heros and freedom hunters program. The Sitka guys set me up with all kinds of gear and the hunt was on. We did most of our hunting right around 12,000' and encountered some pretty cold temperatures and a solid day and a half of snow. I used just about every type of clothing that Sitka makes and I stayed comfortable the entire trip. During the snow days I used the Stormfront Lite top and bottom and stayed %100 dry. As most all hunters know, dry equals warm which in turn equals comfortable. You guys make an amazing product and thanks for your generosity. Because of your gear the hunt was a success on many more levels than the size of the antlers on the trophys we encountered. Awesome gear and you can bet I'll recommend it to all who will listen and send it as Christmas gifts this year. Thanks again guys,

Warrant Officer 1 Warren!
Posted by Ron Warren on Nov 1, 2011 3:30 PM
Posted by Luke Johnson on Sep 2, 2011 2:03 PM

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