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The Balance...
Author: Chris Awe
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Miscellaneous
Dec 6, 2010
Still reeling from the throws of Elk Season, I find myself smiling.  It was literally down to the buzzer this year.

As each year goes by, it seems that life continues to get busier and busier.  With my beautiful wife Annie; expecting our first child in the next 5 weeks… Life’s priorities have taken a whole new meaning.  My commitments to her, and my job (Sitka Gear), have instinctually risen well above my need to chase Wapiti this year.  –Let’s not kid ourselves though…. I REALLY love my wife, I REALLY love my job, and I still REALLY love to hunt.  So yeah… My wife would still say I’m an “Elkoholic”, and that when the baby comes… “Things will be different”.

In hindsight; I wouldn’t trade the lost sleep, lost knee-cartilage, the gallons of gasoline, the day-dreaming and distractions, the solitude, lost weight, and enriching wild moments for anything.  For the last 3 months; from Archery Season to Rifle Season, I took advantage of every opportunity to hunt that I could.  I saw lots of animals, had many close calls, and ended it strong with 48 hours left of the 2010 Season.

Whether I would’ve tagged an Elk or not…  My season was complete long before it was over.  Spending time with great friends, family, and Mother Nature.  -AWESOME!

Here are some pix from the journey:

photo: Josh Gage

Photo: Josh Gage

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