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Current Group: Tribe Stories
NRA Has Great Experience Wearing Sitka Gear
Author: Jeff Sposito
Groups: Tribe Stories
Dec 10, 2009

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Hart Mountain Weekend
Author: David Brinker
Groups: Tribe Stories
May 26, 2009
Made a mad dash with the wife to one of my favorite places on earth this weekend, Hart Mountain, Oregon. Here are a couple pics. Spent most of our time scouting for Antelope for when I draw the tag again someday, hopefully soon....

5 miles from camp, 2000 Feet above the desert:


Rachael. High and Mighty.


Oregon Desert Sunset.


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It's not always about pay
Author: Jonathan Hart
Groups: Tribe Stories
Jan 2, 2009

I love this note, because it came to me from a senior editor at a publication that will remain anonymous, but it so clearly demonstrates what people will do out of passion. His is passion for the product.

"By the way, just put it through the acid test.  There's more than a foot of snow in the yard, it's been spitting snow all morning, and the temp just slipped below freezing.  Went out, hooked up the garden hose, and had my wife pound me with 40+ gpm through the hose for more than ten minutes."

"On one hand, Chuck isn't paying me enough. On the other, your jacket was outstanding."

Make sure that you are heading outside at least once a day.

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