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Got something the whole Sitka Tribe should hear? Share your story.

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Current Group: Tribe Stories
A New Spot
Groups: Tribe Stories
Apr 2, 2013

"I'm always into new spots, but find myself going to the known ones more often than not. This year was different."

- Sitka Ambassador JD Magee

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Groups: Tribe Stories
Mar 27, 2013

"Unaware of our presence, silhouettes of deer began to appear through the mist. Necks were swollen and antlers barely visible through the ice that incapsulated them."

- Sitka Ambassador Isaac Nelson





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White Gold
Groups: Tribe Stories
Mar 8, 2013

"When the temperature drops, a white coat enfolds. The mountain grows silent, cept' for crackling ice in tow. A soft descent, whether the North Winds will blow. Heavens wide open, to release winter's White Gold."

- Sitka Ambassador Luke Johnson 


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