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Current Group: Tribe Stories
Searching for West - Sitka's Challenge
Author: The Sitka Team
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Events | Sitka Family
Jul 11, 2012
“We didn’t want to see something we’d already watched 1000 times. We wanted something different." 
- Sitka Marketing Leader David Brinker

Searching for West Trailer from Searching for West on Vimeo.

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SITKA® //DIVERGE// Photo Contest Winner
Author: the Sitka Team
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Events | OPTIFADE
Apr 30, 2012
"It's wet, it's cold, not much is going on, but I know at any moment the one opportunity we all wait for could present itself, and I don't want to be home on my couch when it happens..."

- Winning Photographer Ben Vazquez

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