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How the Government Shutdown May Impact Hunters
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Media Coverage
Oct 1, 2013
"Hunting access is impacted where the public land is administered by the US Government.  So if your hunting area is somehow managed under Federal funding, you can expect to be locked out."

-Sitka Ambassador Jason Peak

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The First Family of Elk Calling
Author: The Sitka Team
Groups: Athletes
Athletes: Corey Jacobsen
Mar 21, 2013

"The Jacobsen family speaks two languages, English and 'Elk'. From seductive mews to growling bugles, they are fluent."

-The Sitka Team

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Starting Strong
Jan 3, 2012
"We could start out the year with a chest thumping list of accolades and points of achievements. We could talk about what a banner year it was from a business perspective as our family of dealers grows even bigger to offer our customers the best access to product we've ever seen. We could talk about how we still can't seem to make enough for the bottomless stomachs out there that want to be fed more gear. But we won't..."

-Sitka Founder Jonathan Hart

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