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Season Ender
Author: Weston Paul
Groups: Tribe Stories
May 9, 2013

Montana's general hunting season was quickly coming to a close and I had yet to fill my deer tag. The bigger buck I’d been after continued to stay just out of range. With the clock ticking I passed on some good bucks, however, it was beginning to feel like crunch time.

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A Spring Day Cleanup
Groups: Tribe Stories
Apr 10, 2013

"As I paused to reflect, I couldn’t help but remember my favorite weekend; a once-a-year tradition with my three sons and family friends."

- Sitka Prostaffer Robert "Bones" Kenyon

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The Closer
Groups: Tribe Stories
Apr 3, 2013

"Even though it was the last weekend of the season, they fully committed to our spread... They weren't as obsessed with feeding, but rather in establishing mates before heading North again." - Sitka Ambassador Justin Kasmeyer

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