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Lessons of 2013: Stick to the Basics
Categories: Hunts | Pro Staff
Jan 17, 2014

"The season also taught me that no matter what the weather or conditions are, to simply stick to the basics. Do what has brought past success, and be confident in your skills."

- Sitka Pro-staffer Matt Jurad

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Stuck in a Ditch
Author: Greig McAlpin
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Hunts | Pro Staff
Dec 30, 2013

"A spot that had been overlooked and rarely considered, produced one of the most exciting mornings of the season."

- Sitka Prostaffer Greig McAlpin

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Change of Pace
Author: Matt Elder
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Hunts | Pro Staff
Dec 12, 2013

'"I'm looking forward to getting back out there and knocking down some more ducks."

- Sitka Pro Staffer Matt Elder

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