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[The Short Season] 'UTAH'
Author: Jeff Simpson
Categories: Hunts | Sitka Athlete | Sitka Family
Sep 1, 2013
"It all comes down to this. I've got a week to put 10 years worth of dreaming and anticipation on the ground"
-Sitka Athlete Corey Jacobsen

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There's Always Time for Practice
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Cameron Foss
Aug 2, 2013

"Cam's obsession is unbelievable. Up at 3:30am to race up the mountain in search of a ram, only to find nothing and charge back out to head up another drainage."

- Sitka Ambassador Dave Anderson 


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Quest for the "Four" Part IV
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Hunts | Sitka Athlete
Jul 12, 2013

Here is Adam's account of the experience, where he became the youngest hunter ever to take all four North American Wild Sheep with a bow. What's cool, though, is that he doesn't even mention it. Instead, he's focused on the quality time spent with his dad and his brother, and the conservation effort to keep these sheep healthy for generations to come.

It's a very cool video, and we couldn't be more stoked for these guys. A big congrats to the Foss family!

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