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Randy Newberg Interview With The Big Game Product Team
Author: Sitka Team
Groups: Darkroom
Jul 13, 2016
On the HuntTalk Podcast, Randy Newberg interviewed our own John Barklow and Eric Gilmore, going deep on everything from pain points, to ideation, design, development, field testing, and the future of gear.

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Three for Three
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Hunts
Mar 16, 2016
"On one hand we had an amazing hunt that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but on the other I knew this was going to be my last Montana adventure for a long time. It was really hard to think about how everything was going to change. But that’s okay. I’ve realized you can’t be afraid of change, because it’s leading to a new beginning." - Tribe Member Steve Vedders

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Emma’s Turkey Lessons
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Hunts
Mar 9, 2016
"I have been on quite a few hunts with my dad, but this was the first with a tag in my pocket. Turkey hunting is more than just chasing birds. It doesn’t matter if you miss a few times, or even if you don't shoot one at all. It only matters how hard you try, that you keep a positive attitude and take life lessons from the experience." - Tribe Member Emma Peak

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