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Groups: Athletes
Categories: Hunts | Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Dustin Roe
Jul 13, 2015

"That’s why I always go back, again and again, and why I believe we mountain hunters — who are kind of an unusual breed — do what we do." - Athlete Dustin Roe

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The 4th Annual //DIVERGE// Photo Contest
Author: The SITKA Team
Groups: Darkroom
Jul 9, 2015
Four years ago, we kicked off the first //DIVERGE// Photo Contest as a small, quiet rebellion against the staleness of the hunting industry...

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To Learn
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Mark Seacat
Jul 2, 2015

"How, when, and where… those are the hard parts… the WHY is easy… for all of the Sheep Hunters I know personally, even the ones with whom I’ve shared only the briefest of conversations, it’s obvious to me, this is an addiction for them, something they can’t get enough of… ever. I want access to the drug."

-Sitka Athlete Mark Seacat 


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