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Got something the whole Sitka Tribe should hear? Share your story.

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Buffalo Medicine
Author: Bob Robb
Oct 23, 2012
"The foundation of a successful and safe dangerous game bow hunt... begins with your equipment."
- Sitka Ambassador Bob Robb

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Archery Cape
Author: Bob Robb
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Hunts | OPTIFADE | Sitka Family
Oct 18, 2012
"Marius wisely chose to play the ambush game, and so I snuggled up to a thorn tree, nocked an arrow, and got ready.” 
- Sitka Ambassador Bob Robb

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The Wallow Bull is Down!
Author: Bob Robb
Oct 3, 2012
"As I took a rangefinder reading, I sensed – rather than heard – something staring at me."

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