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Groups: Athletes
Categories: Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Tom Foss
Jun 3, 2013

Sitka Athlete Tom Foss lives to bowhunt sheep, period. He has traveled the world in pursuit of his obsession, harvested record book rams, and influenced his sons, Sitka Athletes Cameron and Adam, to follow in his footsteps.  For him, hunting is about the next adventure, and he's dedicated to finding it. We wanted to get inside the mind of one of the most decorated sheep hunters, to better understand the driving force behind his addiction. So we asked Tom the burning question, "what motivates you?"  This is his response. 

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Man's Best Friend
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Hunts | Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Tom Foss
Oct 10, 2012
"We left a huge ram on the mountain, but I know where he is. We have nine days into that ram, and he will be even bigger when we return. "

-Sitka Athlete Tom Foss

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