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The Darkroom: Built with Purpose
Author: Sitka Team
Groups: Darkroom
Nov 12, 2015
If you walk into our design room, you'll hear our designers throwing around terms like "fit," "features," and "purpose built." But what does that even mean? 

Creating a fuctional piece takes a long time. Find out what goes into designing and building some of your favorite pieces in the lates installment of The Darkroom.

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Deer Year: Dance
Author: Sitka Team
Nov 10, 2015

Is it just us, or is Cody Skinner crazy for passing on this buck? 


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The Short Season: MO15
Author: Sitka Team
Groups: Athletes
Athletes: Jeff Simpson
Nov 5, 2015
Follow Athlete Jeff Simpson's Missouri season full circle in The Short Season's newest film MO15.

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