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Traverse Hoody

Traverse Hoody

Product Rating   Star Star Star Half Star   21 Reviews

The Traverse Hoody adds critical warmth, protection, and concealment to the already bomber Traverse top.

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  • 14.40 oz.

  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Form Fitting Hood
  • Welded Chest Pocket
  • Deep Centered Off Set Front Zip
  • Thumb Loops

  • DWR Finish

    Fabric Details
  • Polyester Lycra Blend

    Tech Drawing
  • tech

The Traverse Hoody incorporates a hood into the the Traverse Shirt for added head warmth during colder mornings and wind chilled evenings. Like the shirt, the Traverse Hoody also provides a full range of motion and odor resistance.


Athlete Perspective

Athlete Perspective

"The Traverse Hoody is the absolute perfect piece for activities like pushing carts, setting decoys, building blinds and all other events involved in setting up a duck or goose hunt. If you stay dry during these times, while keeping your ears and head warm, you'll remain comfortable all day. There's nothing I've found that compares to the blend of warmth, stretchability, and breathability found in the Traverse Hoody."

- Sitka Athlete Dave Smith

Read Reviews (21)

Greg Galli
February 4, 2015
Star Star Star Star

Another great product, lightweight, warm and when you layer it - like a oven.

Patrick Shirley
December 27, 2014
Star Star Star Star

The Traverse Hoody is a great piece of outdoor gear. I've had mine for about a month and have used it for both skiing and fly fishing here in Northern Michigan. The thumb loops and hood help keep me warm and protected from the elements. I purchased the black and really like the looks. Great addition to my outdoor gear. I look forward to purchasing more from Sitka Gear.

Mike M.
December 17, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Layering is the best way to stay warm, dry and in the field the longest. A major plus of the Traverse Hoody is how soft the inside of the hoody is, crazy soft! I chose the hoody because of the extra bit of warmth they provide. A vital piece of gear for every Sitka-uation!

Brayden Snyder
December 16, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Can not say enough this piece paired with the core and merino wool its gets me down in to the 30 degree range. the hood is fantastic the wind goes right around the hood. I wear this under the duck oven and have hunted in 18 below and was not cold at all. Sitka continues to impress me and the costumer service is second to none there is not a better camo company out there

Steve Shifflett
November 1, 2014
Star Star Star Star

This is the first thing I pack for a hunt, weekend adventure or anything outdoors. In the field or in the shop, this is one fantastic piece of clothing!

Angelo Grippando
September 20, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Hands down my favorite piece of Sitka gear. Very versatile and functional. The hood just works. Wish the fabric was not white under the hood, but it is still a great piece. Will layer over the core t and merino zip t when the mornings are chilly during dove and teal season in Oklahoma. Catch myself wearing it around the house. Plan to purchase a solid version for nights around town. Absolutely love this piece.

Steve Jackson
September 4, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

I love the Traverse Hoody. It is a great layering piece under the duck oven or perfect on it's own for those days when the weather is not so severe. Great to wear while putting out decoys. The ONLY negative is the white inside. I wished it was gray or black. In reality it bothers me more than the ducks!

Jess DeLorenzo
September 3, 2014
Star Star Star Star

I have the traverse hoody in forest, open country, and black. It's my absolute favorite sitka piece. I wear them year round for hunting, scouting, flyfishing, and all general outdoor activities. The forest is another layer I pair with my ESW system, open country works well with some of my waterfowl gear. It is so versatile, light weight and comfortable. The length is perfect whether you are tucking it in underneath some layers or just wearing it as is. Keeps the breeze and wind out and any scent in. The hood makes a nice wind break on your neck and covers half of my face if I zip it over my chin. I can also fit a beanie under or over the hood. I have hiked through thick brush and the material doesn't get snagged up easy, its super durable. I would buy and recommend this piece OVER AND OVER again.

Remington Clark
June 19, 2014
Star Star Star Star

This is probably my favorite piece of Sitka gear. My go to jacket. Not only light and cut well, it's warm and versatile for layering! Highly recommend this hoody!

Billy Van Ness
March 1, 2014
Star Star Star Star

The Traverse Hoody was my perfect mid and outer layer this fall in the elk woods. Early morning mid layer over a Core Long Sleeve and then a great outer layer in the afternoon when temps slip a little higher. Fits great and the high collar keeps the wind out and also covers your shiny chin when the elk are close. Love this shirt!

Joel Hanson
February 15, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Best wind-stopping hoody on earth. No air gets inside this hoody. Keeps the back of your head and neck warm and unexposed. A key to long days in the cold.

Clayton Eftink
January 15, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Let me just say that this is honestly my favorite piece of hunting clothing I have ever worn. The form fitting hood allows you to actually wear a hood while your shooting your bow and turn your head without one of your eyes being covered up. The best feature of the hood though is that it keeps the wind off the back of your neck and circulates all that warmth from your body to up around your head without letting it escape. Love the thumb loops as well. This is a very versatile piece that I wear as an outer layer or second or third layer. Comfort and fit are great as well. After two seasons this thing is no worse for wear. This is truly part of my "Sitka System". I just love how I can add and takeaway pieces depending on the conditions. If I could make one suggestion about the Traverse Hoody it would be that the zipper was on the other side. Me being right handed, when the zipper is fully zipped it doesn't allow me to anchor properly with my bow. I have solved this by wearing the Bandit and only zipping the hood up to the bottom of my chin. All and all, most innovative, versatile piece of clothing I've ever worn.

Adam Frye
January 8, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

I love this product. I have recently been using the traverse hoodie on my coyote hunts and snowshoeing in Wyoming. The material is light and paired with a Marino wool zip tee I can enjoy snowshoeing with comfort. My only issue with this product is the zipper easily pulls down and the inside of the product is white so for those that love to be 100% concealed you either have to have the hoodie zipped all the way up or tuck the hoodie in around your neck to make the white disappear. The 2 issues so described are not enough to keep be away from this product. This hoodie is with during all 4 seasons.

Chris Judd
December 30, 2013
Star Star Star Star

I test products for GORE and have no reservation about giving this garment the highest rating possible. Since purchasing the Traverse Hoody in August, it has been my go-to garment. I have worn it every day I have been hunting, hiking or fishing this fall. I wore it every day of a 10 day early elk hunt in the high country where it can be chilly every morning and get up in the 70's in the afternoon. I never had to take it off during the day because it is so versatile of a garment. The full zip hoody is an awesome feature as it nearly acts as a facemask for when you are ready for a close encounter. Zip it down to your chest when working up a hill. When a downpour came through as we were working a bull, I wasn't able to put on a waterproof shell. I got soaked but by the afternoon, the Traverse hoody was dry. Can't say it enough, this hoody is the bomb.

Chuck Harrelson
December 13, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Just returned from waterfowl hunting in Nebraska with the big cold snap. First morning was minus 17 before windchill. This hoodie along with the merino wool base layer were excellent. Same goes for a friend hunting with me. We made the decision to invest in the Sitka gear and both us agreed it was worth it. I have had several people notice My Sitka gear and ask if it's worth it.Yes.

Matthew Tezak
December 10, 2013
Star Star Star Star

The Traverse Hoody has been the best addition to my system, I love this piece. This is a great for archery and late season layering. I recommend it to everyone, even in solids.

Andrew Hartley
September 26, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Too hot for a coat? Too cold for a long sleeve? Want to look awesome in front of your hunting buddies? This is your "go to" piece... Even as an extra layer for insulation, this hoody is a wicked investment. I find myself wearing this piece of gear no matter what kind of hunting I'm doing; I test products for GORE and can attest to the usefulness of this piece. I'm also making sure to be wearing this hoody in all of my pictures when I'm gripping a pair of antlers or horns because I look gooood in it. The thumb holes are awesome if you're going to wear another layer on top and the athletic fit is comfortable and allows a huge range of motion. Still not convinced? I've worn this piece several days in a row doing some pretty rigorous hunting and it somehow magically did not smell terrible?! Simply amazing, every time you adorn this awesome piece of gear, it's like getting a warm hug from your own mom... I highly recommend it to everyone!

Matt Wright
August 26, 2013
Star Star Star Half Star

The traverse hoody is my go to piece. I use it for early to mid season whitetail over the core zip T. This layering takes me all the till mid october in the Minnesota Whitetail woods. I Love the thumb loops and zip up the hood to use as a face mask. The only downside to this hoody is the bright white inside. Besides that i love the fit and features of this top.

Kevin Underwood
July 28, 2013
Star Star Star Star

This is a must have for the archery elk hunter. Chasing bulls in September is often very active, and too warm for a typical jacket. With the traverse hoody, not only is it the perfect weight for fast action in steep terrain, but come crunch time, the tight fitting hood will conceal your face while not inhibiting the ability to shoot your bow. Like all of sitkas products, the features like the thumb loops, off centered zip across the face, and exceptional cut make this piece truly great. The traverse hoody is in my pack for every hunt, every season of the year.

Erich Gnewikow
July 25, 2013
Star Star Star Star

This might start to smell. I will be wearing the Traverse hoody every day that I am duck hunting. The hood covers most of my face when zipped up, there are thumb loops to keep my hands warm but this also allows me to sound good on my call. I really love the long tail to tuck into my bottoms. No breeze creeping up your back. I am a Gore product tester and have been really happy with the new waterfowl line up. Sitka is getting a lot right for being new to the game of fowl. My duck system is a Core zip, this Traverse hoody, the Duck Oven, and then the Delta wading jacket. It all works so good. I would recommend this to any fowler. Great piece.

Erich Gnewikow
July 25, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Holy cow do I love this hoody! The traverse fabric layers great over the top of a Core Zip shirt and under a Jetstream vest. This was my daily combo all of last archery season. It was perfect. When the mornings were cool I zipped up the hoody and used the thumb loops to keep my body heat in. It keeps the wind from getting down the back of your shirt. When zipped all the way up it covers up to my nose leaving a small part of my face exposed. I ended up getting another one in the marsh camo and I still want a solid to wear around town. I cannot say enough great things about this piece. Zippered left chest pocket is great for a mouth call. I actually took it rock climbing up a 6 pitch route of granite. It still looks new. You should not have any doubts about buying one, or two, or three. You will love it. I am a Gore-Tex product tester. erich

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