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Alpine Ruck

Alpine Ruck

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With a capacity of 2,800 cubic inches and total weight of 3.3 lbs., the Alpine Ruck is designed for the fast and light back-country mountain hunter.

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Product Detail

  • 3.3 lbs.

  • 2800 Cubic Inches

Intended Use: Fast and Light, All-Mountain Day or Overnight Trips

The Alpine Ruck is sized for the back-country mountain hunter who celebrates a shortened toothbrush to save grams with a suspension that handles moderate to healthy loads comfortably. A large kangaroo pocket effortlessly stows mission critical gear for quick access, while the main top loader design buries heavy loads close to your back. A newly designed weapon carry system exudes simplicity while delivering functionality.

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John R
February 19, 2016
Star Star Star

I like a lot of things about this pack. Lightweight, packs well and is comfortable to wear. I originally purchased this for backpacking when a larger pack was not needed, or I wanted to go lighter. It fits that bill real well, and I really like the configuration for those needs. It became my tree stand pack this year after selling my old Flash 20 and purchasing a Tool Box that I totally disliked and sold. Although not perfect, this pack worked pretty well for a tree stand pack. I like the narrow fit on my back, and it carried everything I needed for hunting with room to spare in colder weather. Yet, it was still considerably lighter than other packs I have used. The material is durable but a bit noisy for this type of use. Especially, in colder weather. I also felt the torso length was a bit long, and I am 6 foot tall. It did squeak at times, but it did seem to get quieter with use. The colors of this actually blended in with a tree trunk while hanging quite well, and the narrow profile hugged the tree trunk while hanging. The waist straps are a bit short for a larger guy layered up for frigid temps. I had little room left in the straps under this scenario. With some reconfiguration, quieter material, and the elevated camo, this could be a super tree stand pack for my hunting needs. I had to add a Summit strap to efficiently carry my Lone Wolf sticks.

Dan WM
August 1, 2015
Star Star Star Half Star

Sitka Customer Service
February 19, 2015

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We are sorry to hear about your Alpine Ruck. Although not always typical some packs can obtain a squeak over time. The good news is that our repair facility has a remedy to fix the squeaking issue you are experiencing. Give our CS Team a call to get lined out ; 877-748-5247.

February 19, 2015
Star Star Star

I like the Alpine Ruck and I've put a lot of miles on it but it is squeaky... Because of the squeaking I ended up going back to my older bag while hunting.

July 14, 2014
Star Star Star Star

LOVE the Alpine Ruck. It has sufficient space for all my gear for hunting/hiking applications and I am able to maneuver under a reasonable amount of weight. I recently returned from an Axis Deer/Black Buck hunt on Molokai, HI and used this Alpine Ruck to pack my Sitka camo/ and other gear for three days of hunting. Fit great on the little Mokulele Airlines Cessna Caravans. There is only one request/idea I have for the Sitka engineers...add another loop to the bottom, as I believe it would aid with carrying tripods/trekking poles/etc. I HIGHLY recommend this pack to anyone that hunts LIGHT and FAST.

Adam D
June 12, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

LOVE the Alpine Ruck. It has sufficient space for all my gear for hunting/hiking applications and I am able to maneuver under a reasonable amount of weight. There is only one request/idea I have for the Sitka engineers...add another loop to the bottom, as I believe it would aid with carrying tripods/trekking poles/etc. I HIGHLY recommend this pack to anyone that hunts LIGHT and FAST.

Wade James
April 27, 2014
Star Star Star

I picked up this pack earlier this year, and it is a great pack, with a few flaws on my list. You cannot beat the weight of this pack... It's really great to not start off your weight checklist with a 6-8lb pack. It has a nice slim fit to it that doesn't get in your way while drawing your bow. The zipper layout for the main compartment make accessing your gear fairly simple. The bow holder seems pretty good, although my Prime was a tad difficult to get the elastic cam hanger piece through... But when I did figure that out, it was pretty simple. The pack has plenty of straps/adjusters to get it right where you need for the perfect fit. The cons... 1.) Noisy. This pack seems to creak and squeak a lot in the hip belt/frame area. This has pretty much limited this pack to camping and all day 3d shoots for me. 2.) Lack of organizational pockets. Although this pack has adequate room to house just about anything you would need, there are maybe 2-3 places to put gear. (Other than the hip pockets) 3.) Lack of rain fly. I figured that would be included. 4.) Excess of strap material. Unless you're tying down a full sized tent with a family of 4 inside of it, the extra material on the compression straps can get annoying. Trying to tuck it all in is a hassle. 5.) The lack of bedroll straps for attaching coats/pads/layers under the pack. This sounds like a super negative review, but I'm just being honest about my observations with this pack. As a tester for GORE, I like to keep my reviews honest. This pack is a great pack for most things. However, if the squeak cannot be tamed, I will never take this pack on a hunt unless it's being hung in a tree or left at the day camp. Great pack for hiking, camping, or 3d shoots though.

Tom Kehrer
December 18, 2013
Star Star Star Star

In an effort to reduce my pack load while hunting, I bought the Alpine Ruck as my new day hunting pack. I figured I could always pack out a load to the truck and then grab a packframe for the return trip. While deer hunting on a cold/snowy/sleety Idaho day, I shot a nice four point buck while being serenaded by bugeling bulls and proceeded to quarter him up. Not wanting to make two trips out of it, I managed to get all four quarters, backstrap, tenderloins, neck and misc. meat all in the pack. It was stuffed, ready to explode, and I had to lash my extra gear on the outside of the pack (I now carry a gear stuff sack and a 'biner for next time). The pack with rifle was very heavy but sturdy and adjusted well to my six foot frame. Total weight I would guess in the 80+ pound range. This light weight pack was braced and designed well and I was able to carry the load out with confidence. The going was slow, having to drop about 1400ft and 2.5 miles. I am more than pleased with this pack's performance-to be able to handle that load but only weigh was amazing. Well done Sitka. I only wish I could afford your other gear!

Luke Johnson
September 25, 2013
Star Star Star Half Star

I had the privilege of testing the Alpine Ruck this season. It's maiden voyage was on opening weekend; during a high country bivy hunt for Mule Deer and Bear. The pack weighs in at 3# and yet I managed to load it up to just under 50#. I usually go for more "heavy duty" packs, which of course have a much heavier physical weight. Being a Gear Tester for GORE, affords me the opportunity to put a lot of gear to the test and I can say that even though going into this; I really didn't know what to expect...I was pleasantly surprised by the Alpine Ruck's performance. It handled the sub-fifty pounds like a Boss. I did have to frequently readjust the "load lifter" straps and main load bearing straps frequently; but once I did, the previous comfort and performance returned. My bivy hunt took me through some very technical terrain, with several boulder fields that had to be navigated. I even had to scale and descend some "cliffs" and avalanche chutes that were very treacherous. I did not feel off balance at any time and never felt the need to remove my pack during any of this. One thing in regards to comfort; I never felt any upper back discomfort during any of this. I have several old injuries that are very sensitive to packs not properly distributing the load; upper back fatigue is common for me. I was very happy with this aspect; especially with the trek that I had undertaken. One note though; this pack seems to be designed with someone with an average to longer length torso in mind. I'm 5'6 and felt like this pack wanted to ride very low on my hips. Being blessed with a "stocky", build, I had to play with the adjustments a bit. For being a 3# "ultralight" pack, it is loaded with features. I absolutely LOVE the pocket layout on this pack and being a bowhunter, I 100% appreciate it's slim profile. I had the opportunity to release an arrow at a bull elk, as well as several grouse this season while wearing this pack and was not hindered during any of the shots. In fact; I often forgot that it was on my back. I did notice that over the last week the pack has developed a bit of "creak-age", but I suspect that I just need to remove the composite "frame" and do some maintenance cleaning to eliminate the noise that has developed. You find this in varying degrees with any pack; so this has not been a major concern of mine. All in all; for a 3# pack made of ultralight materials, I am happy with the performance of this pack and will continue to use it as the season develops. Luke Johnson

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