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Field Hudnall

Waterfowl Marsh Athlete

Field Hudnall is a champion waterfowl caller. Of the 106 duck and goose calling competitions he’s competed in since 2000, he has won or placed in the top five a whopping 95 times. Among other honors, he is a two-time World Goose Calling Champion, and a two-time International Invitational Goose Calling Champion, and a World Live Duck Calling Champion.

So what leads a man to become one of the most successful duck and goose callers to ever take the stage? He fell in love with waterfowl hunting.

“It started as a camaraderie between my brother [fellow SITKA Athlete Clay Hudnall], my dad, and myself. It was just about family time, because I can assure you, where we were—a small lake in Kentucky—the hunting was not good. It was actually awful.”

The lack of birds couldn’t keep the Hudnalls out of the blind growing up, and neither could the lack of comfortable gear.

“Fireman hip boots were waterproof, and those were our waders,” he recalls. “Imagine a thirteen-year-old wearing steel-toe, size thirteen fireman boots that weigh fifty pounds apiece, going into the water.”

But that didn’t slow either brother down. And once they grew up a bit and began venturing out into new territory, the conditions improved, and the addictive thrill of hunting made a permanent impression.

“There’s nothing else that’s ever given us that adrenaline rush,” Field says. “In high school, we never got caught up in drugs or any of that stuff, because I’ve always said if there’s an adrenaline rush that’s stronger than a mallard back flapping or a Canada goose coming in, I couldn’t handle it.”

He entered his first calling contest in his late teens, and took second place. “That’s when I got bit by the bug,” he says. 

When we asked him how he’s been so successful in so many competitions he said, “I don’t know. I guess I just got lucky in a lot of them. There’s a lot better callers out there than me, that’s for sure.”




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