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Incinerator Jacket

Incinerator Jacket

Product Rating   Star Star Star Half Star   13 Reviews

The incinerator Series utilizes the power of down, in a GORE-TEX® laminate cocoon for late season stationary hunting scenarios.

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  • 44.0 oz.

  • 2 Chest Pockets
  • 2 Hand Pockets
  • Grunt Tube Pocket
  • Articulated Patterning

  • 700 Fill Goose Down
  • 5.7 oz Fill Weight
  • Brushed Face
  • Sealon Taping

    Fabric Details
  • GORE-TEX® Fabric

    Tech Drawing
  • tech

The Incinerator Jacket is our warmest whitetail top, locking you into a GORE-TEX® vault that’s insulated with 5.7 ounces of 700 fill power European goose down. Essentially a walking sleeping bag that’s 100% waterproof, the Incinerator is built for extended motionless stints in the stand on the coldest days of the season, when deer feed heartily to keep their body temperatures up.

Designed to fit your body, not layered over bulky fabrics like sweatshirts and jeans, the articulated patterning and minimal bulk give you freedom to move while keeping clear of your bowstring. It is sized to fit over Incinerator bibs, and hangs between the length of a parka and a jacket. Internal cuffs seal off heat leakage, a RIRI waterproof front zipper ensures you’ll stay dry, and the lightly brushed polyester face fabric remains silent as you pivot and set up for the shot. The drop-away hood design leaves your peripheral vision intact while holding in heat, and hangs comfortably down your back without pulling at your collar when not in use. Chest pockets and a grunt tube pocket keep the necessities accessible, while deep hand pockets lend additional warmth to frosty digits.


Athlete Perspective

Athlete Perspective

“Between my boys and I, we always hunt until the bitter cold end of whitetail season. I believe outside of the rut, there is no better time to harvest a mature whitetail. The challenge has always been keeping warm and staying on stand. With the development of the Incinerator Series, the issue has been resolved. I simply walk into my stand with the Core or Traverse layers on and when I reached my destination quickly and quietly slip on my Incinerator gear. You don’t even have to take off your boots because the pants have a great zipper system. Late season bucks beware!"

- Sitka Athlete Bobby Warner

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Chris Meyer
March 1, 2015
Star Star Star

Almost perfect. The jacket does most of what it should. I am a fan of all the storage and zippers as I carry a lot of gear. It fits well and I am able to more than comfortably shoot my bow. The zippers are very tight but as long as they keep the water out that's fine by me. The hood fits well and the entire jacket blocks the wind very well. My 2 areas of improvement are: 1) The down fill only goes to about 5" above the bottom of the jacket so there is no insulation past the waist line. This make it very easy to get drafts from this area up into the inside of the jacket. 2) There is no centered back tag location nor is there a harness slot in which to wear your harness under this garment. For a jacket of this cost these things should be standard being a higher fill down coat is available for less elsewhere for only 20% of the cost, albeit it may not have the features of this jacket. With a $600 price tag there's no reason this jacket isn't perfect.

Chad Weiss
February 25, 2015
Star Star Star Half Star

Comfortable jacket, I have worn it a couple times in sub-zero temps and it has kept me warm. I wish the hood was removable or could be tucked away like the cloudburst, and the zipper gets stuck a lot otherwise it would have been rated higher.

Chad Weiss
February 19, 2015
Star Star Half Star

I was hoping this was going to be the ultimate suit for late season whitetail hunting and after wearing it only a few times I'm not sure that's the case. The suit itself is very comfortable to wear and is warm, but the insulation in the bibs stops about 4" short of my boots. Definitely made to be worn with knee high rubber boots, and I have yet to find a pair that keeps my feet warm when its -20. Where the insulation is missing my legs got cold while predator hunting and I was only out for about an hr. just to try the suit out. So I hope it doesn't keep me out of the stand late season next year because of this.

Sitka Customer Service
January 16, 2015

Hey Nick - Thanks for reaching out. This is one of the reason's we do not post a temperature rating like Sleeping Bags because we all operate on a different thermostat. There are several variables that can affect ones experience and comfort. Your experience is of interest as I have sat in a stand in -5 degree temps for 6 to 7 hours in the Incinerator Series. With this said, it all depends on several variables highlighted below; 1) What were you wearing along with the Incinerator Jacket and Bibs? The wrong base layer, and intermediate layer could sweat out, causing you to loose heat 25 times faster than air. 2) What are your dimensions? If a garment is too snug, it might compress the insulation reducing the garments heat retention. If it's compressed and there is a mild to moderate wind you will be dramatically affected by Conductive cooling. The constant cold pressure from the wind will work it's way to you through conduction very quickly if the down is compressed. 3) How far of a hike did you have? If you build up any sweat hiking into the stand, that moisture will transfer heat away from the body 25 times faster than air. With all of this said, the 2015 will have a new Pattern, new features, and additional insulation. Along with an additional Ounce of insulation the type of insulation has a higher R or Clo value increasing it's warmth to weight ratio over the previous insulation. As for the 'noise' of the garment. It is something that is always a concern of ours and we are rather impressed with how quiet the Incinerator Jacket is. As a Waterproof/Breathable garment there is a slight amount of noise associated with this type of garment. It's simply a reality of the design. In the field with slight wind, birds, and other ambient noise it is very quiet. Many hunters have had major success with the Incinerator Series. Myself included. Not sure what the conditions were but confidence is crucial and we understand if the slightest noise is a concern of yours. The 2015 version does have a new lamination process that will reduce the noise slightly but with this type of construction there will always be a little noise. The rest of our line up, including the Fanatic Series with a higher brushed fleece and no GORE-TEX, it is focused on silence and authenticity. The 2015 Fanatic Series might be the right path? Let us know what you think?

Nick cottrell
January 15, 2015
Star Star Half Star

Very comfortable fitting jacket, and I believe good came pattern, but not warm enough in truly cold weather below 20F. Also, outer material was squeaky and "crinkly" with even minor movement, and the inner liner echoed out to 15+ yards from a tree stand. Disappointed, I returned the jacket and bibs.

Scott Southerland
December 8, 2014
Star Star Star Star

I had the opportunity to test this jacket in late season deer hunting in the Midwest when temps were single digits with snow, sleet, rain, and strong winds. I can honestly say that this is the best cold weather late season gear I have ever used. I was able to sit in the harsh late season weather and tagged a buck! I could not have stayed out without the Sitka Gear!

S. Nelson
November 23, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Just finished my first archery hunt with my Incinerator Jacket. I couldn't be happier. It rained heavy and was in the 30's, but I was dry and warm. The ease of how you can move with this jacket on helped me fill my tag. Thanks

Trevor Rockliff
November 8, 2014
Star Star Star Half Star

I live on Vancouver Island where it rains almost ever day and is very damp and cold. This jacket is amazing and saves me in those damp downpour days in November and December during the best buck hunting days!

September 16, 2014
Star Star Star Star

Extremely warm, perfect for sitting in a stand in cold weather all day. It fits like a glove with no bulk making it very comfortable.Used with a few other Sitka pieces, depending on the weather, like a traverse top and a light layering garment such as a kelvin lite jacket it's nothing short of perfect. EXCELLENT PRODUCT !!!

July 1, 2014
Star Star Star Star

I first tested this jacket in a torrential downpour for 45 min and stayed bone dry. I know it's not completely waterproof but that's good enough for me. I used it last year bow hunting in kansas. Temps were 35 degrees and layered with merino and fanatic vest. I was toasty but not too warm. It's not too bulky to shoot your bow with confidence. It's also great running around in cold south Texas in Polaris when the wind is getting at you at night looking for porky. It's not part of everyday kit down south. But when I go to Canada for geese in October it will be in my waterfowl kit .

November 19, 2013
Star Star Star Star

The Incinerator is the ultimate cold weather coat [and I own a lot of coats]!! When wearing it during very cold conditions; you can actually feel your body generating heat inside the cold! For me, there does not feel like there is any body heat escaping at all. An added benefit is that you will stay totally dry during the most extreme downpour. If you need one coat for harsh climate conditions, this coat will do the job and simplify your closet. GREAT PRODUCT!!

October 30, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Awesome jacket, warm, nicely build and very light. I like the we he is designed, very confortable, a lot of pocket. I will recommand that jacket to all my hunting buddies.

August 15, 2013
Star Star Star Star

Awesome Coat!!! SUPER warm, but still able to vent and control temperature. Nice and form fitted with very little extra bulk. Construction and materials were exactly as good as I'd expect from a coat in this price range. Keep in mind that this is made to work with the bibs for maximum warmth. Honestly, I'd say Sitka is unfortunately for them, not going to get that much money from me. This stuff is so good I see it lasting a LONG time!!! Keep up the good work!

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