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Miss the reveal of this year's DIVERGE 7 winners? View the Grand Prize and individual category winners here. PHOTO: #DIVERGE6 Winner Harrison Samaniego.


The Perfect Solution

We use advanced design, technology and fabrics to create gear systems that enhance the experience of the hunter.

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Concealment Through Science

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Featured Product

Timber Pack

A radical treehugger, the Timber Pack clings to bare trunks to keep your gear (even your gun) safely above the waterline. Unzipped, the large main compartment hangs open, exposing multiple zippered mesh pockets that keep you organized. The welded rubber bottom keeps your gear dry in the bottom of the boat, and the no-muck straps come clean of even the stickiest mud.

  • Environment: Timber
  • Scenario: Open Water, Backwaters
  • Temperature: Hot , Warm , Mild, Cool, Cold, Extreme Cold

Our Story

The SITKA Gear story started on a September morning several thousand feet up from the tent, soaking wet from sleet and sweat, cold, and completely fed up with gear that was clearly not up to the task.

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