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Comfort Food

Wild game is a labor of love. Every year, Lindsey Davis, spends countless hours preparing for the season, in the field and in the pursuit, and hopefully processing my animals to share and enjoy throughout the year. One way she love to enjoy game is through homemade sausage.

No Need for a Supermarket

For Dustin Tetrault, the appeal of farming is knowing where the food he feeds his family comes from. He feels a connection to the livestock he raises, knowing exactly what each cow, pig or chicken ate its entire life and knowing that each animal was raised humanely and butchered properly in a clean environment. To Dustin, hunting has the same appeal to an even greater degree.

Old Church, New Life

Five years ago, Jonathan Wilkins, bought an old, southern church in the Arkansas Delta. Initially, it was only to serve as a bunkhouse for personal duck hunting expeditions. He thought a good scrubbing and judicious use of paint would yield a passable waterfowl camp. As he soon learned, he was beyond his depth.

Sweet November

Vast crop fields, rolling pastures, brushy fencelines, and thick timber blend into a bowhunter’s version of heaven. Farm country is one of the ultimate places for whitetail hunters to challenge their abilities.

Preserving the Harvest: Canning Venison with Timo Rova

There’s beauty in simplicity. For Timo Rova, simplicity comes in the form of canning venison with nothing more than a teaspoon of kosher salt and a crushed garlic clove. It also comes in the form of sharing his harvest with family and friends.

Saving Your Hide: Timo’s Handmade Coffee Bags

Stitching by hand with thread made of sinew, Timo Rova—as a young boy—made all kinds of useful things out of deer hide.

Save the Boundary Waters

Most of us learn to forget about water—water as a wild thing, that is. Our water systems today are re-engineered in so many ways—by damming, diversion, channelizing, contamination, invasive species—that they barely resemble their natural state. We make do with what we can and recreate in ponds, streams and reservoirs. But the experience of water as a true wilderness is something so remote it has all but disappeared from our collective imagination.

Building Community, 24.7

“We’re just guys who hunt. I didn’t set out to be a spokesperson, and never in a million years could I have imagined the response being as big as it has been. We just hunt ducks, write raps and make videos. The DMs we get from young kids telling us we have inspired them to get into hunting—man, that is humbling. To me, hunting is about fellowship, and that’s something that you can’t buy off the shelf.”

There is no Off Season

Originally brought to the US by explorers in the sixteenth century, wild pigs have established themselves as a substantial presence in our ecosystems across the country. There have been tremendous efforts on both private and public land to trap and eradicate them due to their impact on farmers and grasslands. However, the geography of North America and our mixed opinions on management render their eradication nearly impossible.

Life is in the Balance

For Timo, launching his canoe into the late November chop takes some of these same considerations. In both these scenarios, Timo considers the weather, the wind, and the surrounding topography—he thinks of the flora and fauna and what effect the conditions and season might have on them.

Stay Dialed During Archery Season

One very important lesson I learned as a professional 3D archer was the importance of one arrow. The 3D game was all about one arrow and one target, which is very relative in the bowhunting world.

Backcountry Power Breakfast

Freeze-dried meals and nutrition in the backcountry in general has come lightyears in the last few decades. However, I can’t say the same in the breakfast department. They always seem to be the same old thing – some variation of oatmeal or granola and often too sweet for my liking.