Adam Foss

Sitka Athlete Adam Foss is the youngest archer to have taken all four species of North American Wild Sheep, but he’ll be the last to tell you that. He quietly practices his shot with friends and charges mountain trails to get into what he calls ‘sheep shape.’

At 25, he is also the youngest athlete on our team. Growing up in the Alberta Rockies, he comes from a family of accomplished archery sheep hunters. Together, his dad, Tom, and brother, Cam – both Sitka Athletes – have been scaling Canadian cirques and headwalls for years, but if you ask him about his own hunts, he just humbly talks about following in their footsteps.

Friendly and self-deprecating as he is, Adam is fiercely competitive. He relishes being pushed and pushing others. Growing up, he was a scrap boxer and talented lacrosse player. He applies the same team philosophy to tackling big days in sheep country.

"It's hunting with somebody, for somebody, that pushes you through some tough situations in the mountains. Those kind of boonedoggles are the best. The other guy encourages and carries you on his back and because he knows you'll do the exact same. Those bonds can't be tempered in any other fire. Sometimes, to think about what you’re putting yourself through is almost comical and all you can do is laugh, put your head down, and follow your buddy's bootprints in the snow. But it doesn't take long for the soreness to fade, blisters to heal and you can't wait to do it all over again."

Adam is driven by hunts he dreams about and plans for years – researching, preparing, pouring over maps -  and the sum of failure after failure comes together in one sweet moment.

“Executing a well thought-out game plan is so gratifying. Those hunts are special, and gear can really be a determining factor.  The only way you can continue to raise the bar higher and higher is knowing you've got the best equipment available to protect you when you've pushed a little too hard or the weather quickly changes."

Adam has been using and abusing Sitka Gear since 2007.

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