Cameron Foss

Not every hunter possesses the strength, stamina and endurance required to meet the demands of mountain hunting. Fewer still couple physical fitness with an iron will to excel and the mental toughness to endure. But for Sitka Athlete Cameron Foss, custody of the complete package has never been in question. 

As a youngster, Cameron followed his Dad, Tom, also a Sitka Athlete, into the mountains. At the age of 15, watching his father arrow a giant Stone’s Sheep convicted Cameron to be a sheep fanatic for life. But it wasn’t the isolated kill that inspired him. Rather, he was enthralled with the entire process, the small triumphs and failures and the incredible effort that goes into harvesting a mature ram with archery tackle. 

Whether leading his NCAA lacrosse team on the field, excelling in his professional career or archery sheep hunting, Cameron takes the same dogged approach: set the bar immensely high and strive to achieve it. Unwilling to compromise, he stubbornly commits himself, and, to him, it matters not if a goal takes a season or lifetime to realize.  

Though the passion to pursue majestic animals burns in many hunter’s hearts, the unselfish nature to help friends and family achieve success is typically unheard of for someone who doesn’t make their living as a professional guide. At the drop of a hat, Cameron abandons a busy work schedule to be by is brother Adam, also a Sitka Athlete, or Dad’s side in the mountains. It’s their equal love of pursuing wild animals and sharing it with each other that is truly unique. Whether he personally releases the arrow, or calmly whispers range-found distances for his hunting partner, the pinnacle of his mountain experiences are defined in those moments.
These days, you can find Cam, bow in hand, banging out mile after mile, scouring the Canadian Rockies for a Bighorn worthy of capping off an epic quest. And you can bet that he won’t stop until he does. 

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