Dustin Roe

When you’re scraping your nose on scree with two-thousand vertical left to the top; quads are pulsing, stinging sweat in your eyes, and 10 days of the same torture behind you, it’s easy to find refuge nestling back on the vented frame of your backpack and to just give up. In fact, many hunters might. But, there are some that always push past the pain, and never lose confidence in the success of their pursuit. Through these select few, we share their experiences, gain insight, live vicariously through them, and are just thankful that we don’t have to feel their pain. Dustin Roe is one of those super heroes.

At a scrappy 5' 6" 140 pounds, Backcountry BC and Beyond owner Dustin Roe consistently guides his clients to some of the biggest sheep in the gnarliest crags of the west. You can usually find him lugging all of his gear, and most of his client's gear, on his back with the reinforcement of trekking poles and his pack dog Sitka by his side. Dustin’s backpack is their house, their kitchen, their butcher shop, and their hospital all strategically packed down to the ounce for weeks of surviving the rigors of the backcountry.

To date, Dustin has successfully guided 14 species in BC, NWT Dall Sheep, Yukon Stone’s Sheep, Desert sheep in Mexico, Tahr, Chamois, and Red Stag in New Zealand, and Alaska Brown Bear. He’s even found the rare opportunity between clients to tack on a Four North America Wild Sheep of his own.

From the pinnacle peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the tundra of the AK peninsula, and barrel cactus ridden desert of Tiburon Island, Dustin takes the term “thrashing gear” to another level. Gear failure in the field is not a concern that he is willing to host in his brain. His Sitka system is just as important as his client squeezing the trigger on the shoulder of a ram they have hiked 12 days to catch up to. He literally lives and relies on his Sitka 200 days out of the year. Through his constructive criticism, products like the 2011 Timberline Pant have been born; and through his abusive nature on gear, he is integral in refining and testing current products.

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