Jeff Watt

Waterfowl hunting has been Sitka Athlete Jeff Watt's passion for longer than he can remember. Growing up in Missouri, which straddles the Central and Mississippi flyways, Jeff is smack in the middle of some of the best duck and goose hunting in the world.

It took just a single first outing to hook Jeff on waterfowl hunting for life. Spending countless hours learning to blow a duck call, it was only natural to begin competing in local contests. He would win several and eventually compete in the World Duck Calling Championships from 1987-1991. Though not much “contest calling” is used in the field, proficiency with a duck has always helped Jeff fill limits. Whether on the open marsh or in the woods, Watt laments that watching mallards come to a call is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. 

Jeff is fortunate enough to be a co-owner of a couple productive spots that allow both open marsh and timber to hunt in. Since the season only lasts 60 days, when the ducks finally arrive Watt and his friends are in hot pursuit. At times like these, inferior waterfowl gear can make the difference between a filled limit and a miserable day. 

Originally, Jeff relied on Sitka Gear's skin to shell layering system on big game hunts throughout the west. Because his vast experience and extensive field testing, our design team holds Watt’s input in extremely high regard. It’s with his help that we’re proud to challenge the common problems waterfowlers face head on.






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