Matt Brimmer

Sitka Athlete and waterfowl freak Matt Brimmer helped make our waterfowl gear a game changer.
Born and raised in the Pacific Flyway's Klamath Basin, he spends 80 days a year pushing waterfowl hunting to the next level level. From greenheads to speckledbellies, if there's a flight, Matt's there to intercept it and call it off course.

He guided Jonathan Hart with Oregon's storied Roe Outfitters seven years before Hart founded Sitka. After years of sitting through sheets of west coast rain, he jumped all over the world's first truly technical hunting gear the first year it became available.

"I adopted it, I purchased it, I set myself up with a full Sitka System, " he said. "I had no idea Hart was behind it."

It would be a long time before Sitka started making waterfowl gear, but Matt used Open Country and Elevated Forest gear to enable his not-so-casual elk and turkey habit. He’s a renowned elk caller, regularly appearing on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's World Elk Calling Championships stage. And you should hear how he talks to aggressive toms. 

When we gave him prototypes, he performed the same rigorous testing rituals that he uses to find the right call for the situation. His test feedback was so robust, he became influential in product development as we waded into the waterfowl world. 

Of all our athletes, he tests perhaps the widest range of gear in the widest range of climates.

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