Mike Mitten

There’s a nostalgia about Sitka Athlete Mike Mitten, as though he might disappear into the woods, build a bow and just slide backwards in time. The only thing keeping him from doing so, it seems, is his love for his kids and his fellow bowhunters. The man has a knack for making you feel like an old friend the first time you meet him.

Mike’s been bowhunting and writing about bowhunting for more than 30 years, almost exclusively with traditional equipment, some seasons going so far as to hand knap his own stone broadheads. He’s known for his ability to call in prey, and has an incredible depth of experience when it comes to whitetails.

“We hunters have a long history of role playing. I have been a love sick cow moose, a matriarch elk, a confident herd master, an insecure fawn, and battling bucks.” he says.

Mike learned woodsmanship on camping and fishing trips with his dad, and in earning the rank of Eagle Scout. He talks about the new fangled gadgets that crop up each year, and those promising they’ll revolutionize hunting, the way a mechanic might speak about an unscrupulous car salesman. The only things that make you a better hunter, he says, are patience and time spent in the woods. 

“And the fact is, the more time you spend in the woods, the more you’re exposed to rain, wind, snow and cold. Clothing that can keep you out there through it all, as my Sitka Gear does, is one of the truly revolutionary developments in hunting in recent years,” he says.





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