Tom Foss

Spanning over three decades, Athlete Tom Foss’ bowhunting addiction has taken him to the far reaches of globe. But whether it’s the mountains of Spain, Mexican Baja, Mackenzies of the NWT or deep in his backyard Alberta Rockies, Tom lives to bowhunt sheep, period.

Though Tom has been fortunate enough to harvest several record book rams with a bow, for him, it’s all about the next adventure. Tom draws motivation from the immense effort typically required of an archery sheep hunt. He’s equally fueled by his two sons, Cameron and Adam, also Sitka Athletes, who all share a common passion for the adventure of mountain hunting.

Cam and Adam are bowhunting and backpacking fools. They’re incredible athletes and a huge motivation to stay in top shape to keep up with them on our yearly outings.”

When there isn’t an open sheep season, Tom can be found with his four-legged companions, Kaiser and Kenzie, flinging arrows both left and right handed with traditional and compound equipment in his backyard archery range. He and his gearhead group of friends tinker, test and tweak every piece of equipment, bows, arrows and broadheads they put into use.

But the commitment to continually adopt the best performing gear isn’t restricted to archery equipment. Tom fully recognizes that volatile weather conditions in the Canadian backcountry leaves the success - and sometimes health - of a backpack hunter reliant solely on a proper layering system.

“The flexibility of my Sitka System is what allows me to survive and thrive by adapting to constantly changing weather. Back in the day, thick wool pants, heavy cotton shirts and rain gear that leaked like a sieve used to hold us back and put us in danger. But having lightweight, waterproof and durable gear as part of an entire layering system sets you up for a safer, more successful hunt.”

When Tom isn’t using and abusing his agonized-over gear kit, he serves as an ambassador to the archery and sheep hunting community. But don’t let years of experience and jovial spirit of a cagey sheep hunter let you think he's gotten complacent. At 54 years young, Tom still hits the mountains harder every season than he did the year prior.

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