Beyond the Roar

Inspired by the memory of good friend Andrew Brose, Aaron Hitchins and Will O'Brien take to the Yukon wilderness in pursuit of Moose, Arctic Grayling, and adventure.

Photo Essay: Athletes in Azerbaijan

Cole Kramer and Dustin Roe have been talking about Hunting Dagestan Tur for years. When they finally said they were leaving on an adventure, we wanted to see a little of what they saw. So we sent photographer Steven Drake along.

Tendoys: In Their Eyes

You've seen the film. Now see what it was like. From failed boots to failed stalks to regrettably little training, these are the stories from the hunters and makers behind  Tendoys.

SITKA Film: 'Tendoys'

It was completely unheard of, but Fish, Wildlife and Parks said it, so it must be true. There would be an unlimited number of over-the-counter, either-sex sheep tags available for Montana's remote Tendoy Mountain Range...

Three for Three

"On one hand we had an amazing hunt that I wouldn’t trade for anything, but on the other I knew this was going to be my last Montana adventure for a long time. It was really hard to think about how everything was going to change. But that’s okay. I’ve realized you can’t be afraid of change, because it’s leading to a new beginning." - Tribe Member Steve Vedders