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There is no Off Season

Originally brought to the US by explorers in the sixteenth century, wild pigs have established themselves as a substantial presence in our ecosystems across the country. There have been tremendous efforts on both private and public land to trap and eradicate them due to their impact on farmers and grasslands. However, the geography of North America and our mixed opinions on management render their eradication nearly impossible.

Bear Identification Tips

Every year, multiple grizzly bears are mistaken for black bears by hunters and killed. The end results are damage to grizzly bear populations and severe fines and court fees for the hunter. In order to fulfill my responsibility as an ethical hunter, I always go through a list of physical features to positively identify what kind of bear I’m looking at before shooting.

Turkey Calling Tips: David Halloran Turkey Calls

David is the owner and craftsman behind all the beautifully-built products at David Halloran Turkey Calls where each call is thoughtfully carved by hand.

Locating Opening Day Toms with Clay Hudnall

In our pursuit to design and build the world’s most technical hunting apparel, we’ve surrounded ourselves with some of the world’s most skilled hunters – hunters like turkey fanatic Clay Hudnall. As the season approaches, use the following list of tips and tactics to get close this spring.

Archery Shot Placement: Turkey Anatomy

Mastering the anatomy of your prey is a critical component in becoming an ethical and successful bowhunter. Turkeys are notoriously difficult to take with archery gear due to the size of their vitals and drastic changes in their silhouette at strut. We talked with the team at Mathews Archery to help you better understand turkey anatomy and equip you for a clean shot.

#DIVERGE8 Challenge: The Wild

Each month we have a new challenge within the #DIVERGE8 Photo Contest. The challenge for the month of December is the wild. So show us photos of the wild animals, the wild places and the wild conditions hunting takes you and you’ll be eligible to win.

Public Land Rifle Elk Hunting Strategies

Rifle elk hunting on public land usually takes place in the post-rut and late-season periods. A few lucky folks will draw a tag during the rut hunts, but this article will focus on the most common time periods for chasing bulls with a rifle. It is during these periods of greatest hunting pressure that you need to develop a better strategy than the other hunters who are chasing the same elk.

The Necessities of Comfort: Gear Tips To Improve Your Next Hunt

Comfort can play a vital role in the hunt. Not in the sense that being comfortable makes the hunt easy, more that it allows us to shift focus from the challenges of the hunt to the task at hand. When we bring our bodies and minds to a state of comfort, we become more effective, more efficient, and more durable to the conditions. Comfort becomes a tool.

The Great North

Early in life I stumbled upon the works of Jack London, awakening a fascination for the wilds of the great north country. Wilderness and that interaction within it was a regular weekend part of life for our northern Minnesota family until London brought out the wonders of strife and what it meant to live in the harsh, but beautiful country of the north. His stories inspired an impossible dream of going back to the 19th century to face the inhospitable conditions and learn new ways of survival. I’d tuck myself into bed at night after reading, imagining I just endured a hard day’s venture—barely surviving—needing sleep ahead of unknown hardships during the following days.

Should You Take a Frontal Shot on an Elk?

Corey Jacobsen with Elk 101 walks us through the pros and cons of the frontal shot.

7 Tips For Archery Elk Success

"Through a decade’s worth of lessons, I’ve found the following tactics have special merit in the elk woods and, when I have remembered to implement them, increased my chances at arrowing a bull." - Steven Drake

The Hard Way

It was on a trail in Colorado, years ago, that he encountered the older gentleman with an elk on his back and a simple traditional bow in his hand. Nick had marvelled at the bow in disbelief, not certain how something so simple could kill an animal as big as an elk.