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SITKA Gear | 7.13.2018

The Last Wader You'll Ever Own

  • Pursuit: Waterfowl
  • Environment: Marsh, Timber

The history of waterfowl waders can be found in the landfill. Countless tons of neoprene and other laminates spread across the continent, discarded after even just one season of use. Why? Because waterfowl hunters haven’t had another option. Until now.

We understand the demands put on waterfowl gear, but we refuse to accept the status quo of disposable gear. We created the Delta Wader to provide hunters with a game-changing product, but we also created them with a service plan we hope will change the industry. Every component of the Delta Wader is serviceable, all the way down to the boot.

Introducing the first and only serviceable waterfowl wader on the market.