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"The Turkeys Win, Appreciation Grows"

I didn’t understand the fanaticism surrounding turkeys until I was in the thick of it. In fairness to myself, I could hardly be blamed. I spend most of my time in a part of the country with such decrepit turkey numbers that NWTF population maps just show a white void when it comes to my stomping grounds. I don’t see turkeys when I deer hunt, rarely find feathers, and until last year, when I spent a couple of weeks pursuing the primeval beasts, I had never heard a gobble outside of a barnyard environment.

It's All in the Details

When David Halloran takes a trip to the lumber yard, the employees there think he’s crazy. Whether he’s looking at a domestic wood like maple or something exotic like purpleheart, David lifts, prods and examines each and every rough-cut piece, analyzing things like density and grain. He’s looking for the little things, the tiny details that other people just can’t see.

David Halloran's Wild Turkey Smash Burger Recipe

After a successful hunt putting in the miles chasing gobblers, there are few things better than getting that wild turkey on the grill and sharing it with friends and family. This bacon, guac, and Swiss wild turkey smash burger has long been a favorite of the Halloran family. It’s pretty simple to make, but has some unique flair to differentiate it from your same-old-same-old burger.

Turkeys of Wild Florida

The Florida woods that my family has called home for six generations are the closest thing the United States has to a jungle. They’re hot, wet, muggy, and full of everything that likes to bite—from mosquitoes, to water moccasins, rattlesnakes, gators and everything in between.