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A Carving Tradition

Michael Braun learned to carve decoys from his father, and he carved his first one at the age of nine. Now that creating these one-of-a-kind, functional pieces of art is his full-time career, it’s still the tradition behind the artform that he finds most appealing.

Relics of the Wetlands

As a duck caller and call maker, John Stephens has always been captivated by the people who practiced these art forms before him. “Waterfowl is one of the few sports that has so much tradition,” he says. “There’s so much history behind our sport. There have been so many call makers across the country, and even though they were making tools, they were making functional pieces of art. And to me that’s really just fascinating.”

Ribeye in the Sky

Dusty Brown loves a good challenge, and getting sandhill cranes to come into a decoy spread is sometimes as challenging as it gets. “They see really well,” he says, “It’s more gratifying than decoying a duck or a goose. They’re a little more methodical how they approach the decoys. They don’t just come to bombard decoys with reckless abandon like ducks do.”

Duck Heaven

For Ira McCauley, duck hunting is about more than just the ducks. It’s about time spent with family, dogs included, and it’s about food. His favorite mornings of the year are spent in a Missouri duck blind known affectionately by the family as “Heaven.” The blind’s most distinctive feature is a ceiling mural of a mallard drake descending through the clouds, painted by Ira’s father and brother.

Unbreakable Bond

Josh Miller of River Stone Kennels has spent his life training dogs to be lifelong companions, at home and in the field. His work through the years has taught him that dogs can teach us as much as we teach them.

Silver Bands and Green Timber

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Dr. Doug Osborne’s project to help save timber duck hunting kicked off in a green timber duck blind. In January of 2015, Osborne was hunting with a couple of pals in the famous big timber of Arkansas when one of the hunters mentioned that he rarely shot a banded duck anymore. He looked at Osborne, an associate professor of wildlife management at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, and asked: “What’s up with that? Why can’t we band them here?”

Canvasback Duck Recipe

The Canvasback duck has long been revered as great table fare. From the bygone days of market hunting the Chesapeake Bay, to modern hunting targeting these diving ducks, hunters from coast to coast agree on the deliciousness of this species.

Fowler’s Point

Highballs rang in the timber as Charley kicked the water, keeping his face down as the ducks worked overhead. It was a small bunch of birds, weary from a long migration and keen to get out of the wind and hunker into the cover that the marsh provided. Banking into the wind and setting their wings, the ducks dropped elevation quickly as they made their final approach.

3 Photography Tips For #DIVERGE8

The challenge for the month of December is The Wild. Show us photos of the wild animals, the wild conditions and the wild places hunting takes you and you’ll be eligible to win.

Insights and Tactics From Three-Time Duck Calling Champion, John Stephens

In our pursuit to design and build the world’s most technical hunting apparel we’ve surrounded ourselves with some of the world’s most skilled hunters – hunters like three-time world duck calling champion and owner of RNT Calls, John Stephens. The following is a list of fanatical tips and tactics that John uses to improve his hunts.

A Q&A With Dog Trainer Alex Brittingham

Ambassador Alex Brittingham currently resides in Athens, Texas. Hunting has been a part of her life since the age of four, the tradition passed down from her father. Around ten years ago she started training her personal dogs for hunt tests and hunting. Now both her passion and profession lie in training dogs full time and she is quickly becoming recognized for turning her Jack Russell Terrier “Gator,” into an exceptional bird dog.

The Coldest Hunts

The following is a collection of stories from our Ambassadors recalling the coldest hunts they’ve ever been on.