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Sweet November

Vast crop fields, rolling pastures, brushy fencelines, and thick timber blend into a bowhunter’s version of heaven. Farm country is one of the ultimate places for whitetail hunters to challenge their abilities.

Preserving the Harvest: Canning Venison with Timo Rova

There’s beauty in simplicity. For Timo Rova, simplicity comes in the form of canning venison with nothing more than a teaspoon of kosher salt and a crushed garlic clove. It also comes in the form of sharing his harvest with family and friends.

Saving Your Hide: Timo’s Handmade Coffee Bags

Stitching by hand with thread made of sinew, Timo Rova—as a young boy—made all kinds of useful things out of deer hide.

Life is in the Balance

For Timo, launching his canoe into the late November chop takes some of these same considerations. In both these scenarios, Timo considers the weather, the wind, and the surrounding topography—he thinks of the flora and fauna and what effect the conditions and season might have on them.

A Dish To Pass

It’s important to sit down and take the time to enjoy the harvest. A full freezer is a sign of many things—success in the field, a plentiful winter ahead, and great meals to come. All of this is a result of your hard work and determination.

Wall Street Whitetails

Leaving his job on Wall Street for the day, Eugene Burger boards the subway with hundreds of other people. Within a couple of hours he’s alone in his treestand. The stand provides a view of the Manhattan skyline and, sometimes, of the Boone and Crockett class bucks that call Long Island home.

A New Generation of Tradition

The concept of deer camp goes back generations and is so often associated with history, heritage, and looking back at the past. But for photographer, Austin Thomas, and his best friends Taylor Cook and Gunnar Lovekamp, it’s all about living in the present.

Work Hard For Every Harvest

For career farmer and rancher, Alex Templeton, there isn’t a distinct point where farming ends and whitetail hunting begins. It’s all part of the same holistic life, and it all connects to the land she spends her life working.

#DIVERGE8 Challenge: Harvest

The challenge with capturing great harvest photos is focusing on the story around the animal, not necessarily the animal itself. I love to see the emotion from the hunter in a way that helps me feel the image, capturing those raw moments that we can’t get back.

The Coldest Hunts

The following is a collection of stories from our Ambassadors recalling the coldest hunts they’ve ever been on.

Insights and Tactics from Bowhunting Fanatic John Dudley

I’m John Dudley and I’m a whitetail fanatic. People told me admitting that is the first step to helping increase my addiction, so I’m all in! If you share my obsession with putting big whitetails on the ground, then read on.

The Necessities of Comfort: Gear Tips To Improve Your Next Hunt

Comfort can play a vital role in the hunt. Not in the sense that being comfortable makes the hunt easy, more that it allows us to shift focus from the challenges of the hunt to the task at hand. When we bring our bodies and minds to a state of comfort, we become more effective, more efficient, and more durable to the conditions. Comfort becomes a tool.