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Father's Day Gear Guide

Cheers to you dad

Big Game Gear

For dads getting it done in Challenging Conditions

Big Game pursuits vary from one species or environment to another, but they all share a common thread: crossing expanses of terrain to get within striking distance of animals that are infinitely better suited to these wild places.

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The Linguists

Starring Corey Jacobsen

Few sounds in nature rival the bugle of a bull elk. Join nine-time World Elk Calling Champion Corey Jacobsen as he explores a hunting legacy with elk calling pioneers Larry D. Jones, Wayne Carlton, Rockie Jacobsen, and Will Primos.

About Corey:
Corey Jacobsen has finished in the top 5 of the Professional Division at the RMEF World Championship Elk Calling Contest 17 times in the past 18 years. He has become one of the most sought-after resources for elk calling and elk hunting instruction in the nation. In 2013, Corey was named the RMEF's "Champion of Champions."

Corey recognizes that success on the stage doesn't necessarily relate to success in the field, however, and he lives for the “real” contest that takes place in the elk woods every September. It is there, on public land over-the-counter archery units, that he has been hunting elk for over 30 years.

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All Day, Every Day

The sun up, to sun down dads, 24-7, 365

We make gear for your pursuit of mastery — from dream hunts to working the back 40 — constantly innovating and obsessing over the details to enhance the life we live as hunters, 365 days a year.

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Owning The Preseason

John Dudley

A good coach once told me that “being lucky” is actually just being prepared. It was a valuable lesson and one that also applies to the backcountry.

Now is the time to prepare with a purpose, not the week before the season starts.

Here are three proactive steps to improve your archery success.

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Waterfowl Favorites

Anytime, anyplace, any weather dads

From the timber to the marsh and meandering rivers to the open ocean, waterfowl hunting conditions and strategies vary far and wide. We offer versatile layering options, refined fits, advanced technologies and specialized features designed to completely optimize the waterfowl experience.

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I'm Seeing My Father In Me

Eric Massey

I don’t know if Waterfowlers are born or made....

Of course it takes an introduction to the outdoors and those stories and heritage is what waterfowling is all about.

But I also think that a small part of it you’re born with. When my son Tyler started tagging along with me in the blind he was 5 years old. I was very careful where and when I chose to bring him.

December in Kansas is unbelievable for greenheads but can be brutal weather and no place for a 5-year-old.

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Whitetail Must-Haves

For dads who stand tall through wind or rain or snow

Whitetail hunting requires short periods of physical exertion while traveling to and setting up your treestand or blind, followed by long periods of inactivity when the smallest change in wind or the slightest mistake can end in defeat. If you’re too sweaty, too cold or fumbling for gear, your chances – and your enjoyment – drop considerably.

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Second Chances

Alex Templeton

Raised on a steady diet of farming, ranching and hunting, Templeton is most comfortable outside.

Born and raised in Polo, Missouri, as a third-generation farmer, she spends her days tending to 500 cattle as part of the beef operation she runs with her father, Mark.

A self-described whitetail fanatic, Templeton made it her mission to manage the acreage that makes up her family’s farms to grow bigger, more mature deer.

“I view hunting as my job just as much as I view farming as my job,” says Templeton.

“They're both incredibly important to me. It really is a full circle ecosystem.”

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