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SITKA Gear | 8.1.2016

SITKA Film: 'Tendoys'

  • Pursuit: Big Game
  • Environment: Open Country

It was completely unheard of, but Fish, Wildlife and Parks said it, so it must be true. There would be an unlimited number of over-the-counter, either-sex sheep tags available for Montana's remote Tendoy Mountain Range. In the newest SITKA Film, Tribemember Tony Larsen and his friends take FWP up on the offer, venturing deeper than others might be willing to go to have a chance at a ram. But this isn't an ordinary sheep hunt (if there were such a thing), nor is it an ordinary hunting film.

As the hunt unfolds, FWP Biologist Craig Fager and key leaders of the Wild Sheep Foundation reveal how this cull of a struggling herd could become a blueprint for wild sheep restoration in the lower 48.