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Dustin Lutt
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Whether Dustin Lutt is behind or in front of the camera, he is in the whitetail woods constantly studying and learning. Getting out of the tree when the weather turns is not an option. Dark to dark sits are essential to Dustin’s success and reliable gear is imperative to ensure his focus is not broken when an opportunity presents itself.

Dustin is a classic case of the ‘whitetail nut’, admiring what the animal stands for, respecting the journey it takes to harvest a mature buck and sharing his experiences through authentic photography and cinematography. Dustin’s passion for making memories and capturing the emotions behind them has led to the birth of Rockhouse Motion, a business about telling stories through beautiful imagery. In Lutt's words, “a successful image should stop someone just for a few moments and alter the course of their day.”

Dustin knows gear, but more importantly, knows what it takes to get the job done. His insight is valued by our design team and he has been an influential player in the development of many flagship pieces in our Whitetail Line.

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