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Growing Up in Idaho
Author: Drew Stoecklein
Groups: Tribe Stories
Categories: Hunts
Mar 31, 2014

Growing up in Idaho I had the pleasure of experiencing phenomenal duck hunting near some major flyways. I remember the sky at night turning black with ducks and the hunting being outstanding. When I moved to southwest Montana, I noticed fewer ducks and the duck hunting I did attempt was less than productive. This significantly lowered my motivation to continue to hunt.

Last fall I had a game-changing experience with a local waterfowl guru, Jason Corbin. Jason spends hundreds of hours behind the wheel scouting for the perfect hunt. When he called me and said that he had a stellar hunt lined up with a few of his good hunting buddies, I figured I'd give duck hunting another chance.

We gathered all of our gear and set up in the field where ducks had been feeding. Then we waited for hours. Standing in the freezing cold field without a bird in the sky I began to feel frustrated to be on another unsuccessful hunt. Jason could see the disappointment in my face and told me to be patient.  When the clock hit 11:30 the sky filled with birds and we rushed to get into our blinds.  Bird after bird fell out of the sky as each flock came flying over us. I was astounded that this incredible hunting opportunity was not far from my driveway.  Within a few hours, the 5 of us were completely tagged out. With blood on our hands and smiles on our faces, we packed up feeling grateful.

Now it is February and all I can think about is getting back out in the field for another duck hunt.

Check out more of Drew's photography on his website here:

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Hi - I am Karen Corbin-Bodnar. I am Jason's mother from north eastern PA. I just wanted to say I loved the article and photos and of course very proud of my son! Jason is so fortunate to have found a great job out there in Montana - but it's not just a job for him, it's his passion in life.Though Jason is just 31 years old he has the ability to take his guides through an experience they won't soon forget! His knowledge in the hunting and fishing fields always amazes me. Maybe you next time he will take you on a trout oddesey!! I'm not really sure which he loves more! Thank you for this beautiful article and photos - this mon is ending her evening with a smile on my face.
Posted by Karen Bodnar on Mar 27, 2014 7:54 PM

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