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There's Always Time for Practice
Groups: Athletes
Categories: Sitka Athlete
Athletes: Cameron Foss
Aug 2, 2013

Editor's Note: Sitka Athlete Cameron Foss doesn't make his living as a hunting guide, but the time and dedication he puts into his own hunts and those of his friends and family can be pretty inspirational. Cam's excitement and work ethic is infectious, and we hope this snapshot gets you out shooting tonight. 

One mid-summer weeknight, I was tidying the kitchen, cleaning up after a day’s worth of activity when my phone buzzed with a message from my friend, Cameron, "Wanna go fire some?"

The kids are in bed and the kitchen's nearly done, so I reply, "There in a bit." I grab my bow case, throw in a few target arrows and take off.  

For most, hunting is a seasonal activity, the fall rolls around and we start to get the urge to get out and search for our next dream animal. For others, the season begins when the previous one ends, and the mental and physical preparation never ends. It’s an obsession that isn’t determined by a calendar. 

As the years have passed and my family has grown from one to four, my dedication to the discipline has decreased. Work, kids’ activities and other commitments seem to take priority, especially in the off season. Thankfully, I have friends like Cameron that push me to get out and keep sharp.

Cam's obsession is unbelievable. Up at 3:30am to race up the mountain in search of a ram, only to find nothing and charge back out to head up another drainage. He’s also known to explore new trails after work and on weekends looking for areas that hold summering animals, learning their habits. He’s truly a student of the game.

If you’re familiar with Cam, his father, Tom, and brother, Adam you know they’ve shared some very exciting adventures. And whether behind the bow or rangefinder, Cam is in his element.  

Cam and I met up that night at the Clubhouse, adjusted our bows, chatted about draws, discussed some trips we'd like to do and in the end, we let a few fly. Fall can’t come soon enough. 

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