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Big Game : Subalpine
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Sleek, low profile and functional, the Ascent Vest provides quick access to essential gear when moving light and fast through the mountains. Pockets for rangefinder, wind check, GPS, spare release and bear spray keep you prepared for that once in a lifetime encounter.


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Features & Benefits

4 External Stash Pockets and 4 Zippered Pockets

From energy bars and calls to a rangefinder and wind check, all pockets are designed to conveniently and quietly place essential gear close at hand.

Quick Dry

Made from the same lightweight brushed nylon fabric as the Ascent Pant, the Vest features 4-way stretch, anti-stink Polygiene® and a mesh interior for ultimate breathability and range of motion.

POLYGIENE Technology

Layering is a science with our CORE system of next-to-skin products. Each of the fabric weights—light, mid, and heavy—wicks away moisture to keep you warm and dry, while Polygiene® technology safely and permanently neutralizes odors using naturally antimicrobial silver salt.

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Josh | 03. 01. 19
I love this vest I just wish it was available in Sitka open country pattern.
Eric | 09. 14. 18
The Ascent Vest is great for sitting in the tree stand or spot and stalk archery. It keeps everything close at hand and is very easy to access. I like that the pockets are structured so a rangefinder can be easily stowed with one hand. I do feel that it needs a place for a water bottle on the back. I realize they were going for a minimalist design, but I don't want to have to carry a pack just to have a place to put a water bottle.
Gerry Keating | 08. 15. 18
I have not yet purchased this vest, I like the concept of the vest. I purchased the Sitka Bino-harness last fall and I am a big fan of it, my question is can I detach the bino case and attach it the vest. I would then have a "Bino-Vest", the benefits of the pockets on the vest with the protection I need for my binoculars.
john | 09. 15. 17
Just got back from the Gila in New Mexico on an archery elk hunt. This vest is phenomenal!!! I carried a small camera, windicator, GPS, range finder, cow call, face paint, and a small compass in this vest. No more digging through your back pack or wondering if you have everything ready for the hunt. Its all right there. Your binoculars fit perfectly in the front. Light, cool, and easy to keep everything organized and quite easy to access in the field. Sitka, please make this in the elevated pattern for whitetail hunting as well. Like everyone else I was skeptical of the price of Sitka gear when my buddies kept telling me to buy it especially considering the amount of stuff I had to purchase for this hunt. I purchased ascent pants, jackets, kelvin lite vest, hat, beanie. After returning from New Mexico I am going to buy a whitetail system from Sitka. The stuff was cool when needed, warm when needed, dried quickly and most importantly was very LIGHT and PACKABLE! This is my fourth time to the Gila and this gear was a difference maker. I was able to pack less, the backpack was lighter, and the clothing does not weigh you down like cotton based fabrics do.
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